How to take care of your childs teeth

March 16, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

To have good oral health in adulthood you need to take care of this in a very small age of your child’s oral health. A baby’s healthy teeth are as important as their overall health. Having poor oral health can lead to many problems like tooth infections, tooth decaying and other teeth problems. We know it is difficult to set an oral hygiene routine for babies but not impossible.


Fun dental hygiene tips for babies

• Help your child to choose their brush, it might be their favourite colour or cartoon character.
• Help your baby to choose his toothpaste, but the flavour that he likes the most.
• While brushing teeth, play their favourite music and make it a habit to brush for at least two minutes.
• Reward them for maintaining good oral health.
• Plan a fun activity while visiting the dentist Port Coquitlam.

Take Care of their diet

We all know that kids love candies and sugary food but it is your responsibility to keep a record of their diet and provide them with a good and balanced diet. Eating food that contains a high amount of sugar and starch can leads to a cavity. Providing a healthy meal is a parent’s responsibility so try to avoid giving them soft drinks, soda, and fruit juice.

If your child eats any sugary food before bedtime then ask them to brush their teeth before sleeping.

Mouth Guard

If your child is in sports or participate in sports activities then provide him/her a mouth guard to protect his/her teeth. To prevent a child’s mouth and teeth from injuries provide him, mouth guard. Your dentist can make a custom-fit mouth guard; take your child to the dentist for a custom guard.

See your dentist

You should visit your child’s dentist around their first birthday or after their first tooth. Visit the dentist at a young age makes them more comfortable to visit the dentist in adulthood. You should contact your dentist Port Coquitlam if there is pain in your child’s tooth or if your child lost a permanent tooth. If you found the tooth, put it into milk and take it to your dentist, there are chances that he/she can attach it.

If you are looking for a child dentist or adult dentist for any dental treatment then you can visit dentist Port Coquitlam, we have a team of dental experts. 


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