7 Best Things about Our Teeth That Families Should Know

March 16, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

While visiting the dentist is considered a relatively modern phenomenon, it is a known fact that people have been using toothpaste for hundreds of years. It started with the ancient Greeks who used a mixture of coral powder and iron rust for keeping their teeth clean.

As far as toothbrushes are concerned, they used tree twigs for this purpose and chewed on them. The good thing is that there have been plenty of dental advancements and now we have many tools that help us take care of teeth of whole family. You depend heavily on your teeth for eating and even when you smile.

Knowing a little more about your teeth as well as how your behavior can have an impact on dental health can assist you in taking better care and keep you smiling for long. Listed below are the 7 things about teeth that the whole family should know:

1.Yes, teeth enamel is indeed harder than bone, but it is absolutely no match for plaque. This is a bacteria-laden sticky film that forms on your teeth after a meal. The acidity of your mouth increases 20 minutes after you have eaten, which means an attack on the enamel ensues that can lead to decalcification and cavities. Also, if you let plaque stay on your teeth for too long, the minerals of the saliva will harden it and form calculus. You need to get your teeth cleaned professionally every six months to prevent damage.

2-Everyone is aware that sugar foods can damage your teeth, but most don’t know that some acidic foods can also inflict some damage. This includes salad dressing, tomatoes, wine, pickles, citrus fruits and coffee. If you eat any of these foods, you need to neutralize and cleanse your mouth with water.

3-The way you brush can also damage your teeth. You may wear the enamel away and also pave way for gum recession if you brush with a hard-bristle or medium-bristle brush in an up-and-down and back-and-forth motion. Get a soft brush and clean your teeth in gentle circular motion for two minutes. Moreover, you need to ensure that the teeth on the back are not neglected. Replace your brush when it starts showing signs of wear.

4-Flossing may seem like overkill, but skipping is like skipping the whole of dental care. In fact, it does half the job of ensuring your teeth stay healthy. When you are flossing, you should pull it gently around the tooth until a ‘C’ is formed. Use a simultaneous pull-push motion for moving it up and down.

5-You can damage your teeth if you mix very icy drinks and hot foods together in a meal. Your teeth will expand due to the hot food while they will cool rapidly when you consume the cold drink. This much change cannot be tolerated by all teeth at once so you should let the hot foods cool down a bit before you start eating them.

6-Do you think of your teeth as tools? Do you use them for opening things or even holding them? Is chewing ice a habit? These are all going to damage your teeth in the long run, which means it is best to avoid such habits. This is due to the fact that they can result in teeth fractures, which can damage healthy and strong teeth.

7-It is definitely possible for you to keep your teeth for your whole life. If you maintain a diet contributing to your dental health and implement a regular care schedule, you can eliminate the possibility of tooth loss. You need to avoid processed foods in favor of unprocessed ones. You should avoid smoking too much or drinking alcohol and reduce diets high in sugar, acids and starch. Go to the dentist after every six months for exams and cleanings. Always address teeth problems, even if they are small. Don’t let them spread out to other teeth because they are not just painful, but can also inflict severe damage. Any neglect or delay could mean spending thousands of dollars on expensive treatment and still you are not going to get the same teeth as before.      


Proper hygiene and care are the keys to healthy teeth for the whole family. Also, identifying any problem in time and going for its treatment can always save your teeth. Coquitlam Dentist can be the best suggestion if you are seeing something wrong with your teeth; they are the most reliable team of health professionals and are getting a lot of positive reviews from their patients. Pay them a visit. 


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