6 Oral Health Tips for seniors

March 27, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

Taking care of your oral hygiene at any age is important but doing it in senior years become more important to avoid any serious dental problem.

At the senior age, many people have other health problems like diabetes, hypertension. If you are taking medicine for any disease which can damage your teeth then it becomes more important to take care of your oral health.

Brush and Floss daily

Brushing tooth is extremely important for any age group so if your parents are not able to brush their teeth with the normal brush you can buy them electric toothbrush. This helps them to brush their teeth thoroughly.

Flossing teeth is equally important but your elderly parents are not able to floss or their hands are not able to floss then buy them water flosser which can remove the hidden food particles.

Limit the alcohol intake

According to the studies, people who consume alcohol are more prone to develop oral cancer than those who don’t consume alcohol. Alcoholic drinks contain sugar so having an excessive amount of alcoholic drinks can cause cavities. If your elders are suffering from any oral health problem then cut off their alcohol intake.

Say goodbye to smoking

Smoking is one of the major reasons for mouth and throat cancer. The person who is smoking is more likely to develop mouth and throat cancer than the one who don’t smoke. It is better for anyone to avoid smoking but for seniors, it is important to say goodbye to tobacco.

Watch for changes in your mouth

The risk of getting oral and mouth cancer increases with age and if you see any changes in your mouth you must pay attention toward it. Check your mouth if you feel any pain in your mouth, lip, tongues then check it to your doctor.

Visit your doctor to regular cleaning and checkups

There is a limit, how often you should visit your dentist. It depends on a person’s oral health. Ask your doctor when you visit your dentist for a checkup when you should visit next to him. You can visit Glow Dental to get regular cleaning and checkups.

Participate in building healthy habits

Eat healthy food, and avoid sugary food and drinks which cause cavities. Avoiding such food can prevent your teeth from cavities as well as other health problems.

Eating a healthy diet is good for your overall health. Your oral health depends on your overall health and for that, you need healthy as well as a balanced diet.


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