A Useful guide to selecting the right central vacuum system for your practice

May 13, 2020, oyodentaluk

A Useful guide to selecting the right central vacuum system for your practice
A Useful guide to selecting the right central vacuum system for your practice

Your dental practice vacuum system is not the most glamorous piece of dental equipment in your office, but without it, your day comes to a screeching halt. The newest dental suction systems are being made to be stronger and more durable than ever while keeping the noise level to a minimum. Remember to find a system with the capacity to provide suction to every one of your treatment rooms.


There are two types of dental central vacuum system: wet vacuum and dry vacuum.

Wet Vacuum System
• The initial investment cost is significantly less than a dry system.
• Savings in cost of equipment when installing redundant second motor versus the dry system
• Requires less square footage in the mechanical room
• Typically quieter than a dry system, which provides more flexibility for placement of a system in the office

• Increased water utility bill due to the usage of water for suction
• Inconsistent suction with multiple users
• Potential for higher maintenance costs due to recirculation systems that can stress vacuum motors
• If there is only one motor and it fails, the system is not functional until the motor is fixed

Dry Vacuum System

• Reduction or elimination of water used for suction, which decreases the ongoing cost of the unit dramatically (water bill reduction)
• Variable speed motor allows a more consistent vacuum flow for multiple users
• More efficient electrical use reduces electrical utility costs
• Less maintenance required
• If the motor fails, the system can be connected to a shop vacuum to provide emergency suction until a TechEdge service technician arrives to fix

•The initial cost of equipment is significantly higher than a wet vacuum system
• Dry vacuum unit can be loud, requiring its installation location to be farther away from the treatment rooms
• Larger square footage requirement in mechanical room due to size of equipment and requirement for venting/cooling
• Cost to install second motor for redundancy signifi cantly higher than wet options 

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