Invisalign in Yonkers NY Platinum Invisalign Provider

May 15, 2020, Park Avenue Smiles Yonkers

Invisalign in Yonkers NY Platinum Invisalign Provider
Invisalign in Yonkers NY Platinum Invisalign Provider
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Invisalign® braces are an effective teeth straightening method for both teens and adults. Invisalign® is a great alternative to traditional metal braces and can correct bite, teeth crowding or spacing issues. As a Platinum Invisalign® Providers, we are certified and highly experienced in helping you achieve a smile makeover with clear braces. With an Invisalign® dentist who’s open Saturday and Sunday, you can straighten your teeth with invisible braces when it’s most convenient for you.


What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® are transparent orthodontic devices, also known as clear aligners, that are an alternative to metal braces for adults and teens. These custom-made clear braces are practically an invisible way to adjust your teeth.

Before Invisalign®®, you had to wear metal braces to get a straight smile or just make do with how your teeth looked. Now straightening your teeth doesn’t have to involve a mouthful of metal. In fact, metal braces have become an outdated orthodontic treatment when going for a smile makeover.

The Invisalign® braces let you maintain your look without feeling out of place the way you might with clunky, unsightly metal braces. Your teeth will slowly straighten out each day and no one will even notice your teeth braces

That’s because Invisalign® aligners we use are nearly impossible to see. As you get accustomed to wearing them, you will practically forget they’re there! Although the clear trays are almost invisible, the results they provide aren’t. You will be able to observe a difference in about six weeks.

Platinum Invisalign® Dentists in Yonkers, NY

Our dentists are Invisalign® Platinum Providers! Invisalign® Platinum Providers are orthodontic treatment experts who have worked with Invisalign® for a long time and have successfully treated over 300 patients. That means our Invisalign® doctors received the highest training and proper licensing to straighten teeth with invisible braces.

As Invisalign® specialists and leading clear braces experts in Yonkers, we have great knowledge and experience in treating a wide variety of orthodontic cases with clear aligners. To find out more about our extensive experience, check out Dr. Farokhzadeh’s provider page. He is a winner of the 2017 Galler Cup and was awarded the Top Invisalign® General Dentists in North America.

The Invisalign® Story

Invisalign® aligners offers a new way to straighten teeth without the problems associated with traditional braces by using clear aligner trays. You don’t have to worry about carrying a toothbrush with you for when something gets stuck in your teeth. You get the same straight teeth you achieve with braces, but without sacrificing the way you look and feel.

You and your licensed Invisalign® dentist come up with a plan that gives you the straight teeth and smile you’re looking for. Based on how your teeth are currently situated — if you have an uneven bite (malocclusion), for example, or overlapping teeth — your top dentist determines how long you need to wear the invisible braces. Since they’re virtually undetectable, these clear braces for teeth are an excellent choice if you’re nervous about how they affect the way you look.

The results of using Invisalign® treatment braces include a perfect smile and straight teeth without the pain associated with traditional braces. Come see our top rated Invisalign® dentists to find out more.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

After X-rays and an examination, your Invisalign® dentist gives you an idea of how long the process may take for you to achieve straight teeth and a perfect smile. Some dentists like to show you 3D images of your teeth, whereas others use molds to base their assessment.

Invisalign® retainers are made of clear plastic that’s free of BPA, the molded clear aligner trays are custom-made and slide over your teeth. As your teeth move into the correct position, you receive new teeth aligners from your Sunday dentist to accommodate the movement. You switch out the clear alignment retainers every week or so during your orthodontic treatment. You can remove the clear aligners any time you wish and achieve a straight smile without disrupting your daily activities.

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