6 Dangerous Foods and Drinks That Can Spoil Your Oral Health

May 19, 2020, Dentistry

6 Dangerous Foods and Drinks That Can Spoil Your Oral Health
6 Dangerous Foods and Drinks That Can Spoil Your Oral Health
Good oral health depends not only on oral hygiene and dental check-ups.

There are a lot of factors the can spoil your pretty smile. Wrong foods and drinks are the most dangerous triggers that affect the condition of your oral cavity. In this article, we gathered six dangerous foods and drinks that can spoil your oral health.

1. Hard candies

Hard candies are considered the most common cause of both chipped teeth and tooth decay at the same time. The reality is that many people used to bite candies and (if they are quite solid) it can cause a tooth fracture. People who have dental implants and other kinds of dental restoration should avoid hard candies to prevent damage.

You should also know that hard candies contain a huge amount of sugar that contributes to the development of cavities. Sugar is the best food for bacteria that inhabit your oral cavity. These bacteria produce acids that soften the tooth enamel and make it more prone to cavities. That’s why it is better to avoid hard candies and replace them with a piece of dark chocolate.

2. Ice cubes

There are a lot of people who are fond of chewing ice cubes. If you are one of them, you should know that this seemingly harmless habit can damage your teeth and injure your gums. When you chew an ice cube, you can easily crack your tooth.

In addition to the fact that tooth fracture is quite painful, the restoration will cost you a significant amount of money. Moreover, the sharp temperature change can also damage your teeth. In addition, the sharp edges of an ice cube can cut your gums.

3. Acidic drinks

Acids can be found in many drinks like juices, soda water, energetic drinks, vine, etc. The reality is that acids can affect your tooth enamel. They make the enamel softer that contributes to its wear. This can result in increased tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. When the tooth enamel becomes too thin, it can lead to dentin exposure.

Moreover, most of these drinks contain sugar. As we mentioned before, sugar is extremely harmful to your teeth. In combination with acids, it can ruin your teeth and worsen your overall health.

4. Coffee and tea

People who are fond of coffee or tee may notice that their tooth enamel becomes darker. This is a result of tannins that stain your teeth. Moreover, both these drinks dehydrate the body and interfere with saliva production. You should know that decreased saliva release is quite harmful since it helps wash the mouth and remove food particles.

Coffee and tea also reduce the calcium content in the body. Calcium is one of the most important elements in the body. If you still can’t refuse coffee, try to have it with milk that will help replenish calcium.

5. Alcohol

Some types of alcohol contribute to a dry feeling in your mouth that is harmful to the teeth. The saliva plays an important role in the prevention of the appearance and propagation of cavities.

Moreover, saliva decreases the acidity, which is caused by the vital activity of bacteria. This is another reason to chew gum after drinking alcohol, which will cause increased salivation and reduce the effect of alcohol consumption.

6. Sauces

Despite the fact that tomatoes are quite beneficial to our health, tomato sauces can actually be harmful. They contain both acids and sugar that wear tooth enamel and contribute to the development of tooth decay.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce doubles the damage to the enamel. Acid plus carbohydrates that nourish bacteria can significantly damage your teeth. That's why it is better to replace the pasta with tomato sauce with pasta with cheese.


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