How can PRINCE2 be Effective for Project Managers in Challenging Situations

June 23, 2020, Crawford and O brein

PRINCE2 is “Projects in Controlled Environment”. This is the traditional method used for effectual project management. When it comes to this methodology, the UK government is the one who uses this method extensively. In fact, this is one of the important things to get a job in the private sectors in the UK, as well as international markets.

Origin of PRINCE2

PRINCE was developed by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency in the year 1989. It was originated as the UK standard for managing IT projects.

PRINCE2 came into existence in the year 1996. This has made the PRINCE methodology popular. As a result, PRINCE2 has become a generic methodology for project management.

Why Use PRINCE2?

This methodology takes a strategic approach to manage projects. It functions in such a way that each process should be fit into the framework of necessary components, which must be applied during the project.

This method would ensure the on-time completion of the project lifecycle. Not only this, but it also has to ensure that project is completed by the right resources and personnel. This project management technique is used with other PM techniques like Gantt Charts.

Benefits of PRINCE2

When it comes to benefits, one main and important is that this methodology can be implemented in any project. Not only this, but also can be used in any industry.

Moreover, it offers a common vocabulary for all the members of the project. It is because this technique is understood, as well as recognized widely. Thus, the concept becomes easier for the management and as a result, they can convey their ideas, as well as worthy inputs.

The benefits of PRINCE2 are:

1. It is made for uncertainty

Most of the employees in several companies like this methodology as it helps the individuals in their tough times. Moreover, more than 150 companies under public, as well as private sectors organize a virtual committee that consults on PRINCE2.

In other words, the language of project management and PRINCE2 are same.

2. Popular All over the World

PRINCE2 came into limelight as a standard framework for managing IT projects. After that, it was continuously being developed to ensure that it can be used for other domains in the industry.

In fact, the examination of this methodology is available in nineteen (19) languages. This means that this is not just a globally admired qualification, instead it is recognized widely.

3. Perfect Option to Start the Career

PRINCE2 is one of the best methods to know about the basics of project management. It can help the professionals to know the project management principles. Not only this, but also helps the individual to speak project management language.

Additionally, the PRINCE2 methodology is flexible in several ways.

Why Use PRINCE2 in Your Company?

This project management methodology is popular as one of the international standards for PM. It is because PRINCE2 personifies a substantial time of the best PM practices. Moreover, it also offers a flexible approach to every type of project.

In fact, it offers several benefits to companies. This includes:


  • A standard, as well as constant approach.
  • It enables proper communication between organization and project management.
  • Continuous reviews of development made against the planning of project management.



If you’re an entrepreneur and want to train all your employees, then you can refer them a right institute to get trained in PRINCE2 Certification. This will help you to know whether your employees have the right aptitude, as well as attitude to carry out several assignments in their organizations.

Now, I believe that you understand how PRINCE2 methodology is effectual for the project management process. Moreover, from this blog, an individual get a clear idea that studying this methodology can be a great alternative to create a valuable presence in the corporate world.



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