What Is A Biological Dentist

July 02, 2020, Northstar Dental Care

What Is A Biological Dentist
What Is A Biological Dentist
Holistic dentistry is increasingly popular, often called natural or biological dentistry. Health-conscious people in the country are searching for alternatives to conventional dental treatments such as mercury fillings and artificial teeth whitening.

A biological dentist (also called a holistic or natural dentist) is convinced that your oral health is fundamentally linked to your overall health. You realize that mouth issues can affect certain parts of the body, and sometimes they do. Their mission is to treat and restore your mouth's natural health while working in harmony with your body.

In general, biological dentists advocate minimally invasive dentistry, seek to educate their patients, and use safe dental material that is biocompatible.

Perhaps the most significant difference in biological dentistry is the personalized approach to care. They oppose the traditional dentistry model, namely "one size fits all," but recognize that every patient is different and needs to be treated.

The Distinction Between Organic Dentists and Traditional Dentists

Both biologic and holistic dentists have gone to dental school and graduated as a conventional dentist in DDS or DMD. Holistic dentists also provide traditional dental services such as biannual cleaning, cavity filling, and periodontal disease treatment.

A traditional dentist often deals with symptoms, while a biological dentist attempts to identify the root cause.

A typical dentist can see, drill, and fill a cavity. However, an entire dentist will examine the diet of the patient, alcohol use, workouts, hormone imbalances, and sleep patterns that can promote cure and prevention.

Another significant difference between biological dentistry and traditional dentistry is the type of materials used to treat patients. Holistic dentists make use of non-toxic and safe organic, natural, and biocompatible materials for human consumption.

Traditional dentists still use toxic mercury and other materials, which can hurt overall health.

Why Choose A Biological Dentist?

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of a natural dentist and see the difference that you can make when offering your patients dental care.

1. They prefer to perform biocompatible dental tests.

Natural dentists often check a substance for biocompatibility before putting it in the mouth of their patient. The risk of toxins in the products used for dental treatment does not always affect conventional dentists.

An extensive range of materials can be used by natural dentists to fill a tooth cavity. Natural dentists first determine the biocompatibility of the material when offering procedures such as the fixing of bridges or crowns.

2. They never suggest fillings for mercury.

The debate over mercury filling is well recognized in the dental industry. Conventional dentistry uses mercury fillings because this treatment is cheaper and easier to remove. Natural dentists regard mercury as a toxic element and avoid using even small amounts to ensure a patient's overall health.

3. The harmful effects of previous treatments can be overcome.

The adverse effects of pre-dental treatments may be corrected by natural dentistry. For example, if you have a mercury filling, a natural dentist can be visited and substituted by a safer alternative.

4. They promise health overall.

That kind of dental work not only looks after your dental problems but also helps improve your oral health. Natural dentists only follow these procedures that are good for your dental health and well-being in general.

You preserve the body's natural balance when you visit a natural dentist. This indicates that other health problems can be avoided by obtaining dental treatment through a natural dentist.

5. They use non-toxic chemicals.

The natural dentist 's products are safe and non-toxic. They do not offer treatments that are harmful to a patient's overall health. Natural dentists can also minimize recovery time by using the least invasive procedures.

6. You can avoid X-rays.

Exposure to X-rays poses an unacceptable danger and a possible hazard. For this reason, natural dentists often use automated x-rays with less radiation. Although digital X-rays are less harmful, in most cases, natural dentists do not use them. Therefore, consider visiting a natural dentist if you want to defend yourself from the adverse effects of X-rays.

7. They don't use fluoride therapy.

The use of fluoride in conventional dentistry is every day. This type of treatment is controversial, and there are still discussions about its benefits and side effects. Natural dentists believe, however, that excessive fluoride use can cause serious health problems.


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