Do you have any idea how your dental lab appears to the market and potential customers

April 27, 2015, Ck2design

It's imperative to keep your savvy customers in mind when developing your company and dental lab branding.

How can a business compete today without a professional presence? The fact is, either you’re visible, or you’re invisible. We’ve become a visual society that demands instant access to information. This is why it's imperative to keep your savvy customers in mind when developing your company and dental lab branding.

Some dental lab owners will tell you that they just don’t have the time, resources, or budget to invest in marketing materials, and they plan to continue as they always have. But in today's economy and technology-driven age, your business cannot afford NOT to change with the times.

While word-of-mouth used to be the best form of marketing, times have changed drastically. Technology has reshaped the way we do business in the dental lab industry. Many of your customers are focusing on vendors who offer website interaction, a social media presence, and professional videos and marketing materials.

In order to compete with dental labs that offer the same quality of products and services, it is imperative that your lab demonstrates a strong professional presence. This forces dental professionals to change or risk becoming extinct.

Using an outdated website and/or poorly designed marketing materials will only give your competition a marketing advantage. Worst of all, the absence of a strong professional presence, business brand identity, and most importantly, an online business, makes you just plain … invisible.

You still have the choice to take charge of your destiny
Ck2design and many companies like it work to bridge the gap between the professional side of dentistry and the digital age of marketing by offering creative media and online business solutions to the dental lab industry, from concept to completion.

Understanding the needs of busy dental labs, these believe that each project should be approached differently and customized to match the client’s needs. By working with a professional company, a dental lab can create concepts that translate across multiple types of platforms, such as traditional marketing media, online business websites, videos, social media networks, photography, graphic design, motion graphics, company identity branding, trade show banners, events graphics, and more. 

Companies such as Ck2design work to find real solutions that help your dental lab be as successful as possible.

Watch this video, “Avoid Becoming Extinct: Understanding the importance of dental labs having a real online business and professional marketing collateral” by Carrie Kuehn of Ck2design. The video reiterates that in order for dental labs to compete in today's market, a professional company branding along with a strong online presence is something to seriously consider.

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