5 Considerations Before You Visit any Healthcare Facility

July 17, 2020, Leelija web solution

medical or cosmetic procedures
medical or cosmetic procedures
that is not always possible. For medical or cosmetic procedures, sooner or later you’ll have to consult an expert.

In 2020 the thought of going anywhere near a medical facility is, to put it mildly, terrifying. With news headlines only reporting news of pandemics and viruses, it’s no wonder we would rather avoid going to the doctor or dentist at all costs. However, that is not always possible. For medical or cosmetic procedures, sooner or later you’ll have to consult an expert.

Thanks to modern technology, you can do proper research on the facilities you need to visit and ensure that they have the necessary protocols in place for your own safety. Here are a few points to consider before visiting any medical care facility.


General Hygiene Standards

General hygiene practices are the standards that should be in place even during “normal times”. Any medical facility needs to be clean, sterile and as germ free as possible. These are standards and protocols put in place long before Covid-19 and have been clearly documented by UNICEF.


Hand Hygiene

As a result of Covid-19 a lot of emphasis has been placed on hand hygiene. The World Health Organisation has issued clear and definitive guidelines for the correct process in hand washing. The facility you visit needs to have water and soap readily available.

Educational posters should be on display to educate and remind all visitors of the hand hygiene protocols. It would be recommended to have sanitizer wipes available for children. The facility should also have enough medical grade hand sanitizer on hand.

Health Protocols

Fortunately, there are companies out there that can assist with ensuring these health protocols are met. Before visiting the facility, establish if they use companies like Sterifre Medical to sterilize their facilities? Cleaning and disinfections need to be ongoing during the day.


Covid-19 Protocols

Today it has become necessary to ensure that certain Covid-19 protocols are in place at all medical facilities. Consider the following:
● People need to undergo temperature and symptom screening upon arrival.
● Social distancing in terms of patient seating needs to be in place. For example, are the chairs placed in such a manner that necessary space is provided?
● Are all patient and visitor information being recorded? This helps virus tracking.
● An important Covid protocol is the wearing of masks. This practice should be enforced by the facility. Masks should also be available for visitors not arriving with their own.

It’s quick to find out these details via a simple phone call.

Infection Control

It is absolutely critical for healthcare facilities to ensure that their staff all have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). There also needs to be proper means for medical waste disposal. This includes having sterile bins available for visitor tissues. Medical staff must tend to one patient at a time and need to change PPE for each patient.

In Closing

Ensuring the correct medical protocols are in place at your local healthcare or dental facility isn’t your responsibility. But you have to take responsibility for the health of your family. By doing a bit of research about the facility you need to visit, you will ascertain if the necessary health protocols are being followed.

A safe and sterile facility will give you some peace of mind while visiting!


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