Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Clean Up

August 05, 2020, Mold Testing Professionals

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Home mold clean up is not as simple as many would think. People normally associate mold with leftover food or another specific source. This type of mold can easily be eliminated by finding and getting rid of the source of the mold. People who have experienced mold in the home will be the first ones to tell you that it is not always that easy to get rid of.

How Does Mold Get Into Your Home?

Mold builds up and accumulates due to moisture. Moisture must be managed first if mold build up is to be avoided. It is often difficult to determine where the moisture is coming from, especially if there is a plumbing problem. Certified mold testing company can help determine the cause of the problem and fix water damage if necessary. What is important is to remember that whatever water damage remediation is required, it must be done within 48 hours to prevent the situation from escalating any further.

How Would You Know if There Is Mold in Your House?

A simple test to determine whether or not mold exists in your home can be done by most companies that specialize in mold removal. NC mold removal professionals can use this test to determine the volume of mold in the atmosphere, the type of mold present, and whether the mold is toxic or not. The expert will then be able to assess the situation and make recommendations as to what procedures will be necessary to address the mold problem.

What Are the Risks Associated with Having Mold in the Household?

Molds can pose serious health concerns. Molds produce irritants, allergens, and a potentially toxic substance known as mycotoxin that can cause rashes, runny noses and sneezing. For asthma patients, these substances can cause severe breathing problems. They are also known to cause long lasting effects and diseases, especially in young children.

This is why almost all fire and water damage repair companies offer mold elimination and remediation. Hiring professionals to do this work actually save you money in the long run compared to a potentially incomplete repair that will cause bigger problems later.

Mold needs only a short period of time to build up which makes eliminating it somewhat complicated. Although mold build up does have a distinct smell, it is not always easy to immediately notice its presence immediately. Once you become aware of possible sources of moisture such as a leaky window or a leaking pipe, you should immediately have the mold volume in the air measured.

Mold Inspection Keeps Your Shelter Safe and Free of Fungus

The home is a haven where the family seeks refuge. It is a place where they can sleep tight without thinking of the dangers outside their doorsteps. However, there is an intruder that lurks in almost all of our homes. It is an evasive and harmful enemy that can cause harmful effects to the family members- mold.

Molds are microscopic fungi that usually grow in dark and damp areas of the house such as the basement, kitchen, and the bathroom. They are commonly invisible to the human eye and can only be noticed once they multiply in larger quantities. Although most molds are part of the household dust which people inhale, larger quantities of molds can cause harmful effects to the human body and even to animals.

Home owners usually prevent mold by removing any possible source of moist in the house. Cleaning the bathroom religiously and checking any source of molds can mitigate the production of mold. However, molds are persistent and for some reason they keep on coming back. This makes it very important to ask for help from experts in mold removal such as those engaged in mold inspection.

Experts from the mold inspection can remove the harmful molds in the house and even prevent it from coming back. Steps such as visual assessment, site survey and identification of potential sources are conducted to assure that the house will be mold-free. Certain procedures are followed to make sure that any existing mold will be removed and to make sure that the root of the problem will be eliminated.

Laboratory tests are also conducted to determine the kind of mold living in a particular house and to give the proper recommendations pertaining to cleanliness and health.

A mold-free house can save the whole family from numerous illnesses such as recurring headaches, asthma attacks, sinus problems, and even chronic cough. Although not all molds are harmful to the human body, it is still always better to be safe than sorry. Molds can even ruin furniture and appliances at home as they tend to cause stains. They are also sources of foul odor which can cause discomfort to family members.

Keeping your home clean and safe can save you from illnesses caused by harmful substances. The mold inspection team can make your house safe and mold-free. Remember that your house is a sanctuary where your family stays. Removing any possible danger at home can keep your family healthy and happy.


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