Modernization In Dentistry

September 01, 2020, Object Me

modernization in dentistry
modernization in dentistry
The world is undergoing tremendous digital advancements. Let's have a quick look at modernization in dentistry. How technology has transformed this industry.

Advancements are all over  the world as the digital world has overtaken everything. Healthcare industry  advances as new and modern technologies are leveraging greatly for the care of  human bodies.

According to the World Dental Federation, oral diseases affect  approximately 3.9 billion people worldwide. With the rising rate in oral  diseases, oral hygiene mistakes result can result in costly  dental procedures.

However, the technological  advancement in the healthcare sector has eased the complex medical treatments  and increased their success rate.

In light of this  information, let's take a look at some of the most amazing technologies in the  field of dentistry.

Advancement In Dentistry Over The  Years

Dentistry has advanced to a significant  amount with the rise in technological improvements for global dental care. The  advancements over the year made it more accessible and streamlined the process of  dentists. Here's how?

Implementation  Of Robotics

Robot assistance and  implementation have been serving the dentistry for quite a long time. In 2017,  the first robot-assisted dental  surgery was  performed in China.

A robot was performing the  surgery under the supervision of a dentist team. In this surgery, the robot has  performed two dental implants in a woman's mouth, which was a great success.

The dentists supervised the  entire surgery, but none of them does a single thing. This technology means  great development in the dentistry sector.

Role of  Artificial Intelligence

AI is a heated topic and has  taken the world by storm. Humans are surrounded by artificial technology. For  instance, Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa are best-found examples of artificial  intelligence; they play as virtual assistance and help users in their  day-to-day lives.

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence in  dentistry can be understood with this simple example—artificial  intelligence used in diagnosing and reading the dental X-rays and scans.

This technology has helped the people who only want a  diagnosis without consuming precious time of dentists. With this diagnosis, you  can detect the problem immediately, and if it has to be checked by the dentist,  you can only go for further treatment.

Laser  Treatment For Cavity

Using modern technology, the  dentist can easily locate and cure dental cavities. The device used for  detecting cavities is known as 'Explorer.'

This instrument pokes around  in your mouth during a checkup, and after poke, it sticks with the tooth to  check the intensity of the cavity and further for decay.

Another advanced technology  in this regard is the diode laser, to which millions of dentists  are rapidly switching. It is a higher-tech device or instrument for detecting  tooth decay without wasting time.

Use of  CAD/CAM Technology

Computer Assisted Design  (CAD) and Computer-Assisted Manufacture (CAM) are state-of-the-art methods for faster  dental care. Using these advanced methods will lessen the visits, and the  treatment will be done in a matter of no time.

This technology works perfectly  as the tooth is drilled carefully with the help of a computer screen. The image  gets the right adjustment for the crown and bridges process.

Tech-Based  Treatment For Gum Diseases

Gum diseases mostly occur because of the bacteria that cause bone destruction and tooth  loss. There are varieties of treatments that dentists use for treating gum  diseases. This treatment helps in reversing the damage caused and helps clean  the roots by applying actions that prevent the bacteria from harming the  teeth. 

The technological steps taken to cure this are by  laser membrane, bone grafts, and protein insertion that stimulate tissue growth  that strengthens the tooth to fight against gum diseases.

Advanced  Dental Implants

In the past, it seems like a  problem, but not anymore. With recent advancements in technology, tooth  replacement and implants have been more common.

Advanced dental implants include  processes in which a titanium screw-like implant device is inserted to serve as  a replacement root, contact with the jaw bone, and finally sticking with the  gum line.

In the past, implants failed  massively, but now the dental implants are 95% safe, according to the American Academy of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Comparison In 2000-2020  Methodologies

Dental problems have been  exasperating and distressing for long. Although dentistry has been evolved  since the 20th century still the advancements were not satisfying  and solution-oriented. 

The new advancements in the  early 21st century have been notable for their extraordinary  capacity. But, as years pass and we have been in the second decade of the 21st  century, modernization has been noticeable and flourished. The uses of AI and  modern instruments have changed the paradigms of dentistry.


The improvements and advancements in  dentistry are sure to benefit the people in the longer run. Dentists all over  the world are benefiting with modern innovations in the field of dentistry.

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Samantha  Kaylee is presently working as a Dental Assistant. She has a lovely inclination  towards writing, and she often write blogs on oral health topics. She believes  that teeth are meant to be carefully handled, and for that, she provides  write-ups that help people with their tooth problems. Samantha also assists  students at Dissertation  Assistance.


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