How to cut ligature wire or hard wire using Wire Cutters

This is very important to know that cutting instruments should be used as prescribed by the manufacturer. Anynow, there are some general rules for such instruments.

Ligature wire cutters or Hard wire cutters are manufactured in such a way that the cutting edges are not parallel to each other. So, you must not think that cutting the wire from any palce of edge will result the same.

The pattern of the sharp edges of the Cutters is designed in such a way that its tips coincide when we close the jaws of the Cutters but there remain a very small opening in the bottom parts of the edges.

So, after knowing the pattern of the edges, the best way to cut your ligature wire or hard wire is to cut with the tip area of the cutting edges.

Now there is a very interesting way to know the quality & human skill of the Manufacturer. Put the wire on a flat smooth surface and try to cut it with extreme tips of the Orthodontic Cutters. If the cutter cuts the wire, you have best quality Orthodontic Cutters in your hands.

Thanks for reading this article.

Hassan Bashir

CEO / Research & Development

THROHI Medical Tools 


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