Are braces worth it when you are an adult

September 15, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

They seem to be omnipresent in advertising: People with perfect and shiny white teeth. In reality, however, most people's teeth are healthy, but they are often crooked and, as they get older, they slide back and forth, one behind the other and in front of each other, creating a non-uniform appearance of your smile.


However, nowadays nobody has to accept this, because braces are also available for adults. There is no age limit for these treatments. Braces do not necessarily hinder the wearer in laughing or speaking and are very inconspicuous.

However, many adults cannot bring themselves to wear braces for purely aesthetic reasons. The most common reasons for braces in adulthood are malpositioned teeth or cross bites. If you decide to get braces, you should always rely on a competent orthodontist to achieve maximum success of the expensive treatment.

Costs are only rarely covered by health insurance

Malpositioned teeth can lead to mouth opening disorders, migraine, head and neck pain. In addition, many adults suffer so much from their malpositioned jaws and teeth that they hardly dare to laugh to their heart's content.

In the offer of orthodontists and dentists there are different models of fixed braces. The classic models are the so-called brackets. These are small plates that are attached to the enamel either from the outside or the inside. They contain an arch through which the teeth are brought into the desired position. In addition to the brackets, there are also transparent and very thin splints called clear aligners.

The price difference between the Clear Aligners and the brackets is also big. The costs for brackets are usually between 3.000 and 10.000 Pounds, whereas the Clear Aligners are available for prices between 5.000 and 7.000 Pounds. If there is a serious malpositioning of the jaw, the costs are covered by the statutory health insurance.

Specific advantages and disadvantages of the braces

The fact that the brackets are firmly attached to the teeth around the clock can cause irritation of the tongue or gums. Slight pressure pain often occurs. However, they have the advantage that the success of the treatment can be assured by wearing them constantly. In contrast, the success of the Clear Aligner method depends on whether the patient wears the splints regularly.

As a rule, adults need to wear their braces longer, as the growth phase of their jaws is already complete. This is not the case with children and adolescents. A therapy can therefore take up to four years for people in adulthood. In many cases, however, a treatment period between twelve and 24 months is sufficient.

In order to maintain a bright and straight smile even after the braces have been removed, patients must pay attention to two things: Firstly, the teeth must always be brushed properly and thoroughly. On the other hand it is ideal to use retainers. These prevent the malpositioning of the teeth and jaw from reoccurring in the future. To do this, they are simply glued to the inside of the teeth.

Source: Kieferorthopäde München


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