Build Muscle Lose Fat Principles You Need to Know

July 01, 2015, health benefit admin

Build Muscle Lose Fat Principles You Need to Know
Build Muscle Lose Fat Principles You Need to Know
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In the world of sports and health, to build muscle, lose fat is a common objective of many aspiring athletes and bodybuilders in particular. The two concepts at first sight seem to contradict each other as their physiological requirements are different. To build muscle, it not only requires high resistance, low repetition type of weight training, but also a high calorie intake to fuel the growth. To lose fat, science calls for a lower food and calorie intake. Thus build muscle, lose fat seems to be a contradictory phenomena. However, to build muscle, lose fat, we need to be able to focus on a few key physiological principles when training.

Research has shown that muscles have a higher metabolism rate than most tissues in the body. As a result they take in more oxygen and burn more calories even at rest. By building more muscles, an athlete can actually burn more calories within the body system. Therefore, the first prescription to build muscle, lose fat is to bulk up with muscles. The increased muscle mass will aid the burning of fat as well. To achieve this, one can also make use of weightlifting supplements that make you acquire muscle mass. Of course we cannot do this in isolation. Any effective training program to build muscle, lose fat must take into account the dietary aspect as well.

To gain muscle tissue with a slimming diet plan calls for a bit of ingenuity. Our body needs calories to burn when exercising. This comes from the food we take in. The predominant fuel the body uses first to generate energy is carbohydrates. Thereafter, the body will start burning fat stores within the system. If an athlete can consume a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, it will mean that less carbohydrate will be available for exercise. The body will than draw on the fat store in the body next, to fuel the exercise requirements. The muscle growth stimulated by exercise will make use of the building blocks from the higher protein intake. This combination of exercise and a low carbohydrate, high protein diet will actually help the athlete to build muscle, lose fat.

Finally to enhance the effects of build muscle, lose fat, the athlete can look into the type of exercise activities been carried out. As mentioned earlier, to build muscles, high resistance, low repetition is the best form of training to induce growth. Once a certain level of muscle mass is achieved, the athlete can next alternate between high resistance, low repetition training and low intensity, high repetition training. The latter is very commonly known as ‘cutting training’. High repetition training is effectively aerobic in nature that burn more fat than carbohydrate in the body. This will facilitate the body to lose the excess fat in the system leading to a build muscle, lose fat physique.

This three simple principles of gaining muscle mass, consuming a low carbohydrate, high protein diet and varying of exercise type and intensity will go a long way in helping people who wants to build muscle, lose fat achieve their objectives of a fitter and leaner body.

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