Avoid These Top Teeth Stainers

July 29, 2015, New Hampshire Family Dentistry

Avoid These Top Teeth Stainers
Avoid These Top Teeth Stainers
I'm often asked for advice on foods to avoid. With that in mind, this post includes some top culprits when it comes to stained teeth.

The Top Teeth Stainers

Whether you happen to have natural pearly white teeth or you’ve invested money in increasing the wattage in your smile, you definitely want to know the culprits that will stain your teeth. Some of them are notoriously bad, but others you may be surprised at their negative impact.


Here are a handful of offenders that you may or may not be aware of. As you will find, there is no need to completely avoid these foods and beverages; however, being aware of their impact on your teeth, if left without cleaning, will hopefully prevent unnecessary staining.


Coffee is usually name-dropped as the top drink to avoid, along with darker sodas which are definitely not the greatest for your pearly whites; however, tea is just as bad and can sometimes be worse. Most know to steer clear of the darker variety, but did you know the herbal and white teas aren’t necessarily safe either? These kinds can wear down enamel and make teeth susceptible to staining. You don’t necessarily need to skip high-tea altogether, but being aware of how you drink and doing a quick rinse after the fact will help you avoid unwanted


…it will definitely stain your teeth. Wine and fruit in general, are among the worst offenders for stained teeth (and tablecloths). But coming upon the best time of year to enjoy amazing berries, can you possibly avoid eating them completely? You shouldn’t have to part ways with your favorite berry, but be sure to wash and rinse your mouth immediately after eating them. Need some ideas of other fruits that are safe to consume? Having an apple a day can keep the doctor and unwanted stains away – apples, pears and other fruits low in acidity and not dark in color are safe bets for maintaining your smile and still as sweet as their colorful counterparts.


Some have a “sweet tooth,” others crave salty snacks like, pickles. Unfortunately, the vinegar and acidity in pickles, as well as other snacks like it, will erode your enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to turn shades of yellow if not taken care of properly. This same acidic issue, as well as strong staining colors, can be found in some favorite sauces as well such as, tomato sauce, dressings for salad, or soy sauce for your sushi indulgence.


As mentioned with the previous food and drinks, so long as you are mindful of the effect these foods can have, you can often prevent the negative consequences they can have if left to their powerful staining abilities. Lastly, if you happen to enjoy these treats like the rest of us, be sure to brush, floss, and visit your local dentist regularly. 


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