Outstanding Dental Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients

October 27, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

People are getting a hard time to find a suitable and trustworthy dentist for their teeth whereas dentists are struggling to attract new patients. Being a dentist if you are also struggling to get the attention of new patients then you can use the following dental marketing tips or you can get a complete dental marketing package to boost your appointments.

Update or optimize your Google My Business page

Updating and optimizing your Google my business page is one of the best and least time-consuming ways to boost your online appointments. It could be said that it is one of the powerful dental marketing ideas that can create a huge difference.

Fill out all the details to optimize your GMB page like business category, business name, address, phone number, business description, business hours and last but not the least your business reviews.

Local Facebook Ads

No doubt you want to create awareness about your business to your local audience. Facebook local ads are a powerful tool that can help you to target your audience by showing your ads to the radius of 50 Km. You can add Your business address, business operation hours, a distance of the business and “get direction” link as well.

Appointment Reminders

It is worth to send appointment reminders to your patients whether by a phone call or via email. You can use Google calendars to send reminders to make sure your patients show up at the designated time.

Referral Bonus

Mouth to mouth marketing is the best marketing is a technique of all time. To stay at the business at the top and for the longest time, you need to appreciate your patients who are referring new patients to you.

The referral bonus program is the best way to engage your old as well as new patients. You can retain the old patients by offering them a referral bonus while adding new patients well.

Create Mobile Call-Only Ads

The maximum searches related to health care are performed used mobile devices out of which 5-10% is related to healthcare-related. Create ads that are exclusively dedicated to mobile users are and boost your online appointments.

Google Map Ads

If you advertise your business on Google maps then it can lead a potential patient to your dental practice address. When the user enters the search query “dentist” in the search bar then the users get a reach result list and results on the map. If the users are using Google map app on mobile then it shows directions and CTA.

So these are a few dental marketing tips which can boost your dental business. Complete dental marketing package includes other marketing techniques to improve your business.


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