Top Five Methods To Get White Teeth

November 30, 2015, Langley Dental Practice

Top Five Methods To Get White Teeth
Top Five Methods To Get White Teeth

Everyone likes white teeth.Everybody loves a bright, white smile, and there are a variety of ways to achieve it.We all start out having sparkling white teeth because of the porcelain-like surface of enamel. But over time, the enamel wears gone and then sustains micro cracks due to chewing and gnashing, exposing the yellowish colour of dentin, which is underneath your tooth’s enamel. Dirt and debris enter through these cracks, and combined with the porous plane of teeth, makes an perfect playground for bacteria that contribute to the discoloration of your teeth.

1. Lemon Juice Paste and Baking Soda

Baking Soda isn’t a shocker here. Sodium bicarbonate (its official name) is mildly abrasive; gently scrub away surface stain to return teeth to a whiter shade. It’s also very alkaline so I would think if you have an extremely acidic mouth or eat a lot of acidic food, it could help balance out the Ph rate, which would be helpful as acid breaks down enamel-this is strictly speculation on my part.

2. Using Powered charcoal.

 Get a good covering of charcoal over the toothbrush; you will need sufficient to cover all of your teeth. It may help to pour a little amount into a cup. This way you can avoid getting water in the important bottle of charcoal. Make sure to use a separate toothbrush for brushing usually and brushing with charcoal.

3. Coconut Oil Pulling

I know this sounds completely mad but rinsing your mouth with coconut oil is a unique, old, remedy that people swear by to help to make the teeth Wight. It doesn’t feel like the most pleasant thing in the world, but I actually don’t mind the taste, and I think it does make a difference in the colour of your teeth.

4. Orange or Lemon Peels

There have been reports that orange or lemon peels will also do the trick of whitening your teeth. Guess you don’t know until you try.  Then again, these food products are very healthy and good for your health but the acid content might eventually wear away the enamel on the teeth. So if you try to use lemon or orange peel always rinse afterwards to be on the safe side.

5.Whitening kits

There are many whitening kits available, including paint-on whiteners and strips. How effective these are depending on the amount of whitening agent they have. Regulations on the sale of these vary from country to country and a number of of the products on the market are not successful. Always ask your dental team for advice before trying to whiten your teeth at home.

Apart from all these there is easy step always. You can find teeth whitening professional to clean your teeth. 


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