Top causes of Toothache
Top causes of Toothache

Teeth, the 32 white vital body parts we carry in our mouth that perform the vital work of eating and chewing our food have great use in our life and as per the drill goes using a thing brings about damage to it. The damage done to our teeth causes a certain type  pain in our teeth known as Toothache which is sometimes extreme or mild depending upon the damage done. That damage caused to our teeth  could have a number of reasons and number of cures as well. But now I'll be discussing the causes of toothache-


A cavity is a little hole in your tooth caused basically by the germs which produce a slick and slimy substance that causes a cavity in your tooth thus leading to toothache. the cavities caused should be taken care of as soon as possible because if not taken care of will grow in size thus creating more problems for your teeth.

Abscessed Tooth

An Abscessed Tooth is related to a cavity itself, an untreated cavity causes the damage to spread deeper into out tooth thus effecting the nerve of the tooth which if also called dental pulp that is now infected causing severe toothache.

Dental injuries

Dental injuries are of many types and are caused by different reasons causing severe toothache depending upon the reason. A dental injury is caused by a blow to your mouth either by a fall or any other major accident causing a tooth to chip away or many teeth broken at a time causing severe toothache

Gum diseases

Gum disease is a kind of chronic inflammation and infection of the gums and the tissue surrounding it. It is the major cause of tooth loss in 80% of the adults affecting 3 out of 4 people at a point. The common kind  of gum diseases is  gingivitis & periodontitis.

Damaged filling

The filling is done for a cracked tooth. When a tooth is cracked it is treated by filling up the crack to prevent the tooth from further damage. Over the time, the filling withers away or is damaged which can be a major cause for toothache and should be taken care of immediately which otherwise can be a cause of severe and unbearable toothache.

These are the major factors causing toothache mainly in adults. So to have healthy gum and teeth, we should avoid such circumstances and if in any case any problem appears anyway immediately take care of it to avoid further damage. 


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