The Benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces

March 01, 2016, Langley Dental Practice

Misaligned teeth look unsightly and rob many of the natural smiles. Also, the teeth tend to be a bit difficult to clean and with such poor dental health the teeth contract periodontal diseases. The conditions bring out the risk of bone damage, gum infections, and loss of teeth.

Teeth braces are dental implants used to align crooked teeth. While they do work, the conventional type of braces tend to be uncomfortable, a bit painful to wear, and less attractive especially for adults. The best option in the market is the Invisalign clear braces, which offer a better look and comfort compared to the conventional metal braces. Here are several reasons that express why you should opt to use Invisalign.

Appearance: A Better Look

Metal braces have a look that contrasts with that of the teeth thus making the mouth look unattractive. The unsightly chunks of metal are very noticeable, especially in adults. Then again, food particles stick on the chunks without the wearer knowing, and this makes cleaning a bit trick. With clear braces, the wearer is comfortable and can enjoy food without having to worry about food getting caught. Furthermore, it is not easy to notice the braces thus making them a more attractive choice than metal braces. Here are some good tips.

Comfort: Comfortable and Easy to Remove

Only qualified orthodontists should do the insertion of metal braces, and they should start in place until they are removed by the dental specialist. In the case of Invisalign clear braces, these are not that complex, the braces are removable. If the wearer sees the need to remove the braces, he or she can do so for that period, (be it when eating or drinking).

Safety: Less Teeth and Gum Damage

The conventional metal braces have chunks of protruding metal that sometimes scratch or puncture the gums and the insides of the mouth. Invisalign clear braces are more comfortable with a smooth design and finish. They do not have protruding bits or sharp edges. Metal braces can exasperate tooth decay and demineralization and are often a tight fit that exerts uncomfortable force to the teeth, which is not the case with clear braces. The Invisalign do not wear out the teeth and reduce gum disease, cavities, and other damages caused by wearing braces.

Treatment Duration: Straightens Teeth Faster

In the case of metal braces, the dental correction treatment may last for nearly five years. However, with Invisalign clear braces, the treatment can last for a year to one and half years – find more Invisalign information here.

Knowing What to Expect: No Negative Surprises

Treatment of misaligned or crooked teeth using Invisalign clear braces is fully computerized. As such, both the patient and the dental specialist know what to expect. It is easy to know how long the treatment will take and how soon before the patient can use the braces again. Metal braces, on the other hand, other more of a trial-and-error that has no clear indications of what to expect.


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