Why you should opt for Cosmetic Dentures

March 22, 2016, Langley Dental Practice

Why you should opt for Cosmetic Dentures
Why you should opt for Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentistry is a prettier side of dentistry that deals with appearance of teeth and the gums. It may also address issues of your dentures keeping their performance in view but appearance is the prime motive of cosmetic dentistry. Why should you opt for cosmetic dentistry? Here’s why..

The stigma of yellow teeth

When a person speaks, their mouths are one of the most prominent aspects that are observed. In situations such as meetings, job interviews and dates, we focus on impressing the person sitting before us. While this might/might not be a challenge depending on your potential, yellow teeth definitely takes the ball out of your court. Dental hospitals offer quick procedures wherein your teeth are bleached and regain their white sheen. The procedure is virtually painless and is conducted in one sitting. Advancement in dental science is making affordable dentures available to the masses.

Risks posed by deformed/misaligned teeth growth

A major chunk of people have misaligned teeth, to varying degrees of deformity. These teeth grow sideways and may encroach/retard the growth of neighboring teeth. This results in irregular sized tilted teeth. However, the problems faced due to misaligned teeth go beyond appearances. These teeth create gaps in your jaws where food particles may get stuck and give rise to plaque. This is associated with other derogatory phenomena such as bad breath and an affected canal. Also, misaligned growth of teeth can hinder the emergence of new teeth and result in stunted growths. Correcting the misalignment (enamoplasty/odontoplasty) is not as easy a procedure as bleaching but is widely conducted in dental hospitals and Garden Grove dentists.

Gum lifts/Veneers – The effective solutions

If your teeth develop discoloration or misalignment to an extent where you can observe the degradations in a regular mirror, it is time to go to the dentist and look for affordable cosmetic dentistry. Apart from the afore mentioned procedures, you can also secure gum lifts and veneers to give your set of 32 all their glory. Gum lifts involve restructuring of the gum tissue and realigning of the bone to give your teeth the perfect shape. Veneers are made of porcelain and are both fast and effective at enhancing appearance.

To decide whether to go for cosmetic dentistry or not is solely upon your preferences. To term the science superficial though, is to be naïve. Cosmetic dentistry helps you avoid many complications that can hinder your teeth from performing their tasks. It also gives your mouth as well as face an appearance of perfection in simplicity!






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