Bad habits lead to bad dental health

May 10, 2016, Langley Dental Practice

Smoking and taking alcohol is a very common thing today. In almost each and every party you will find people having alcohol and cigarettes. This has become a trend today and specially among youngsters. Their party is totally incomplete without liquor. Some people have the habit to drink alcohol on daily basis and most of them drink limitless. Some people have the habit of smoking and they smoke regularly. As we all know these things are really dangerous not only for our body but also for our teethes health. Thus we must ignore having these things or we should take these things only occasionally.

Why you should stop smoking?

There is a straight forward answer to your question is that it is bad for your health and as well as to your teeth. Tobacco contains nicotine and the smoke contains carbon which gets stuck to your teeth and start causing cavity slowly. These things also generate huge amount of bacteria into your mouth. Suppose you took a cigarette and smoke it, soon after that you will either take a candy or something else to chew this is the time when you double the bacteria because smoke already caught up your teeth and then the candy give them a boost. Also the presence of nicotine will start building up on your teeth and thus it starts developing cavity. As you see the symptoms just find a dentist and get inspected.

Why you shouldn’t take alcohol?

Alcohol is said to have a huge amount of demerits not only on your body but also to your teeth and thus it is recommended to quit taking alcohol or either take it occasionally. The chemicals present in alcohol decompose everything on its surrounding and the same happens to your teeth and gums. People who take alcohol regularly have smaller teeth when compared to normal people. This is because of the alcohol that they take. Since alcohol have the ability to get absorbed at a high speed and this is the reason why it gets absorbed by the gums and teethes and thus causes a huge damage to dental things. Also the soda that is present in it starts to decompose the surface of the teethes. You can do a small experiment, take a bottle of soda and drink it, don’t swallow it just keep it in your mouth for as long as you can keep. Now swallow it and you will start feeling something on your teeth. You will feel as if they are burned up. This is the effect of soda on your teethes. You just have to search for “Dentist Near me” on Google and you will easily find many.


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