Is It Safe To Use Denture Cleaner for Retainers

May 27, 2016, DP Dentistry

Denture and retainer cleaning
Denture and retainer cleaning
Cleaning dentures and retainers at home may not be an easy task for many. Check here for some tips and know how denture cleaner for retainers helps you in getting perfect cleaning.

Normally, braces, springs, wires and rubber bands attract plaque and food which cause stains on teeth. It needs to be brushed regularly to flush out the food particles or cleaned with denture cleansers recommended by orthodontists.

Generally, denture cleansers are the pastes, gels and creams and even solutions which are designed and made to clean the dentures along with removal and partial dentures which are often referred as partials. It helps to kill the harmful germs that cause odor and more soaking of dentures in water overnight as per the manufacturer’s instructions helps to retain shape and keep it moist. Never let the retainers dry as they easily warp.

The main reason to use denture cleaners is that it helps to remove the odor causing elements and stains which the normal toothbrushes fails to reach. Brushing with the use of denture cleansers removes small and stuck food particles along with bacteria. Clean using toothpaste or a commercial denture cleaner that rinse the food particles and loosens them for easy wash. Most of the wearers follow both methods of cleaning retainers to avoid damage. Above all, avoid bleach that damage and make you wear it for comfort.

 Is denture cleaner safe for retainers?​    

Definitely yes and most of the ultrasonic denture cleaners and cleaning solution are available in the market to clean them especially without any hassle. Before that you need to know the differences between the orthodontic dentures and retainers as some are not safe for you to use and enjoy good condition of dentures all the time. Denture ultrasonic cleaner is absolutely safe to use. These sonic cleaners are not only meant for cleaning the dentures but also for cleaning wide range of medical equipment in the medical field.

It is essential to clean the dentures every day as directed by the use of high quality cleaners that keep the retainers in good condition. Every time while brushing teeth, brush the retainers and soak in a denture cleaner like Polident, Efferdent and other branded solutions, adding to a cup of Luke warm water before placing in the mouth. Above all, if you are looking for a best denture cleaner, you have ultrasonic cleaners to clean the gunk off without any problem.

Special care has to be taken that you avoid using household cleaners or ordinary toothpastes or vinegar solution as they can affect denture in harsh manner. One should avoid using bleach for denture cleaning purpose as they may turn pink portion of denture into white color.

As the braces and the retainers are more prone to the canker sores, it is essential to consult your dentist or orthodontist and get prescription to use the solution in order to reduce pain and any sort of irritation that leads to sores in the mouth. Oral hygiene is more important which can be maintained with the use of denture cleaner for retainers that heal the sores and keeps free from bacteria formation on teeth.


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