Understanding Smile Makeovers

July 08, 2016, Irresistible Smiles

Smile Makeover
Smile Makeover
In this day and age, makeovers are what you need if you want to significantly improve your attitude, your appearance and your life in general. These transformations are usually done in certain parts of your personality but with the upshots being an improved and new you.

When one plans for a makeover, there are several specialists they can go to- wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. Yet, a dentist is probably the last person one shall consider going to for a makeover but when it’s about your smile, a cosmetic surgeon is the best bet and perhaps, the only bet to smile you need.

In a smile makeover, the dentist checks on the position of the patient’s teeth and how they are framed by the lips. Great smiles don’t just mean whiter teeth but may also necessitate a little alteration in the structure of the teeth and the gums. In a case of point, if too much of the gums show up in your smile, undergoing a gum lift or crown lengthening is how they can be fixed.

Although it might sound painful, crown lengthening is actually an outpatient practice that can be performed at the dentists’ clinic. The procedure implicates a minor surgery where the gums are hard-pressed to show more of the teeth. Another makeover procedure is shaping and lengthening your teeth, skirting up the edges to make you look years younger. Since we expend a lifetime chewing, it is certain for the teeth to wear out and even the most expensive facelifts cannot make you look right. Actually it would add up years to your appearance, rather than subtracting.

As for restructuring your teeth, dentists can link porcelain or resin veneer to its surface, improving the size, shape, color and length of your teeth to make them look white and even. If you've ever wondered why your favorite celebrities' teeth and smile look like a million bucks, you now know why. Porcelain veneers are preferred over resin because they resist stains better and mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth more meticulously.

First off, it must all be wisely planned by discoursing your complete medical history, health concerns and objectives with the dentist. People have different concepts about what a great smile should look like but one thing that they often ignore is that their smile should also complement their eyes, skin and the overall facial structure. Even the bite is a major consideration; if your bite isn’t fixed, everything attached to it can break down defiling your makeover to a moot point.

The subsequent stage is about the oral examination wherein the dentist determines the reasons of the imperfect smile and how can it be improved. This is the best time to get your queries and concerns answered as your dentist tries to understand what factors are affecting your smile. The most common reasons are accidental injuries, periodontal diseases, nutritional deficiencies etc.

The third stage is the treatment designing stage, which is the result of the dentists’ vigilant planning and investigation. This will summarize the procedures that need to be carried on the teeth to achieve the best possible smile for the patient. Also, this is the stage where everything is explained from what can be expected to the functional enhancements or improvements the patient will experience with the new smile in place. 

The next stage can be the extremist; it can be the hardest thing that one can experience or the easiest one as this involves the application or implementation of treatments like preliminary treatments, temporary restorations that serves as test-drives for the new smile and also to estimate the comfort level to the new functions and appearances. 

Finally, the restorations are put in and the patients are counselled on how to take appropriate care from whitening to maintaining them. Adjustments can always be made. Follow-ups will also be scheduled to find out how well the gums are adjusting to the new implantation and how the new smile is shaping if it is yet to change your life in a positive way.


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