Restorative Dentistry Treatment Choices for Children

July 21, 2016, Irresistible Smiles

Restorative Dentistry Treatment Choices for Children
Restorative Dentistry Treatment Choices for Children
Restorative treatment is the preventive treatment for diseases of teeth to restore them back to their best. It is ideally a part of the comprehensive treatment plan.

Restorative treatment is the preventive treatment for diseases of teeth to restore them back to their best. It is ideally a part of the comprehensive treatment plan.

In case of children, it is the parents who can help dentists in preparing the best possible treatment plan. One question always blocks every parent’s mind is that what is the need of restoring a child’s tooth if it is to fallout?

Yes, it is true that a baby’s teeth have to fall out at some point but this is also true that they are very important to a child for the time being. Primary teeth hold space for permanent teeth to grow in. When one temporary tooth is lost, the others start shifting to the empty space and this prevents permanent tooth from erupting.

In addition, a decayed tooth causes significant pain, discomfort and functional impairment that may interrupt with the school performance, growth and development of the child.

Here are few restorative dentistry treatment choices for young ones:

1.       Preventive resins: It is an excellent choice for a cavity ridden tooth. This treatment is preferred when there is a minute cavity on the chewing surface of the baby teeth or permanent teeth. It has an added benefit of being virtually invisible. Procedure involves:

·         Removal of tooth decay

·         Filling of tooth with a tooth colored resin

·         Coating with a sealant

It is considered as a great preventive measure involving smaller investment.

2.       Tooth-colored fillings: This is good for smaller cavities in the back teeth. In this treatment, durable plastics called composite resins are filled into cavities. This material is less noticeable and more attractive than other types of fillings.

Certain filling materials even release fluoride, resulting into a more resistant tooth. Resin filling is not for every cavity. It works best for those having small decay in low-stress areas. Amalgam fillings are less expensive than resin fillings. Also, the metal fillings are much more durable than plastic fillings.

3.       Amalgam fillings: It is a durable and practical option for children. These are silver colored fillings made of a mixture of metals including copper, silver, mercury and tin. They are relatively less costly, easy to maintain and more durable than other options but lacks the aesthetic appeal of composite resins.

4.       Stainless Steel Crowns: It is a very cost effective choice for severe decays. It saves teeth when other treatments fail. It is one of the strongest and durable services in dentistry. They cost less than other types of crowns and lasts longer than fillings. Advantage associated with it is that they are not appealing because of its silver color.

5.       Tooth colored crowns: Tooth colored crowns serves the same purpose as stainless steel crowns and they are preferred over stainless steel crowns because they are natural looking. These are recommended to treat severe decays and restore teeth with fractures or developmental defects.

Parents have the responsibility to work with the dentist to help restore their child’s teeth. They can decide the best treatment plan with dentist to give their child an attractive and happy smile. Dr. Shahin Safarian, a brilliant Dentist in Vista, CA can aid parents in knowing the options and choosing the finest plan for their kids.




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