Top 7 Dental Care Tips For Diabetics

December 28, 2020, Clove Dental

Dental Care For Diabetics
Dental Care For Diabetics
Taking care of your mouth and teeth becomes crucial if you are suffering from diabetes. Why is that so? Read More..



Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that affects the way people live. When you have diabetes, it takes a toll on your entire body, affecting your heart, your liver, your kidneys, and believe it or not, your teeth and gums as well. With an increased blood sugar level, your chances of getting tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, thrush, and xerostomia increase significantly.

Taking care of your mouth and teeth becomes crucial if you are suffering from diabetes. Why is that so? Because increased sugar levels can also slow down the healing process and increase the risk of oral infections. With so many conditions accompanying diabetes, it becomes important to maintain your overall health, and your mouth is an important part of that. You should pay a regular visit to the dentist to prevent any complications and maintain good oral health.

Here are a few dental care tips for  Diabetics:

  1. Regular dental visits – Health experts recommend diabetic patients to go for a dental checkup at least twice a year. X-rays and professional teeth cleaning will help in preventing many severe dental issues.
  2. Manage your diabetes – The most important thing you should do is manage your sugar levels. Get in touch with an experienced doctor and understand the basics of controlling sugar to prevent dental problems.
  3. Brushing your teeth – All the diabetic patients should brush their teeth at least twice a day. They should use fluoride-rich toothpaste, soft-bristled toothbrush, and avoid harsh scrubbing. Moreover, getting a new toothbrush every 3 months will prove to be beneficial for your oral health. A sugar-free toothpaste is also a great way to maintain your oral health while also maintaining your sugar levels.
  4. Flossing is essential – People having diabetes should floss their teeth at least once a day. It will help in removing plaque between the teeth. You can also go for waxed floss variety and a floss holder for better results.

    Identify signs of dental issues – Make sure you keep an eye on any underlying signs of dental issues. Consult your dentist immediately if you identify traces of bleeding gums, swelling, or redness. You should also be alert to other symptoms like loose teeth, dry mouth, or mouth pain.
  5. Disclose your medical history – It is crucial to inform your dentist about your diabetes and other health conditions. It will help him in designing a treatment plan that will combat resistance from high sugar levels. This will also help your dentist in ensuring that his treatment does not aggravate any condition that you may have.
  6. Quit smoking – Do you smoke often? If the answer is yes, it is high time you quit smoking. The combination of smoking and diabetes can prove to be lethal for your dental health. Prolonged smoking can also lead to tooth loss, bleeding gums, and gingivitis. Connect with your doctor today to figure out the best options to help you quit smoking.

    The beginning of the right care for your health begins from making the right commitment. When you give your whole into not letting diabetes affect your life, you take the first step towards healthy living. This is why your commitment towards keeping your blood glucose levels within the right limits is going to not only help you treat a dental condition, but will be great towards preventing decay and gum diseases.

These were some essential things that will help diabetic patients in maintaining good oral health. You should always consult an experienced root canal dentist who is a specialist in treating diabetic patients. Make sure you do not take any symptom or sign lightly and discuss it with your dentist immediately.


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