Periodontal Disease Treatment in Brooklyn

January 05, 2021, Envy Smile Dental Spa Brooklyn

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Brooklyn
Periodontal Disease Treatment in Brooklyn
Periodontal disease treatment varies on the extent of the disease. Your dentist takes pictures to reveal the stage of your disease. These images determine the level of your treatment. Whether you have severe periodontal disease or just the beginning stage of gingivitis, your cosmetic dentist at the Envy Smile Dental Spa considers both your oral health and your appearance.

The first thing to remember- is not to panic. Things may not be as bad as you think. Gum disease can happen to anybody. And with prompt treatment from a dentist at Envy Smile Dental Spa, your periodontal disease may be more of a passing inconvenience than a cause for major concern.

Periodontal disease is also called periodontitis or just plain gum disease. Everybody has mouth bacteria. But if you have periodontitis, the bacteria have turned against your gum tissue. Many years ago, gum disease ultimately led to tooth loss. Images of your gums speak volumes about the potential for disaster. But thanks to modern advances and skilled cosmetic dentists, your smile can be saved.

Chain of Events
Gingivitis is just a fancy way of saying swollen gums. Gingivitis comes before the periodontal disease. In the early stages of gingivitis, plaque builds up on your teeth. The bacteria that harm your gums live in the plaque. It’s a type of infection that causes your gums to swell. They may even bleed while you’re brushing.

Gingivitis makes your gums irritated and inflamed. Visit your dentist as soon as you notice these symptoms. If left untreated, your condition can get a lot worse. Once it advances to periodontal disease, your gum and bone begin to separate from your teeth and form pockets around them. These pockets collect debris and breed more bacteria.

In early periodontal disease stages, plaque begins growing below your gum line. The toxins it produces are attacked by your body’s immune system. In severe periodontal disease, the enzymes that your body uses to fight the bacteria cause the most damage to the bone and connective tissue that holds your teeth in their proper place. If allowed to continue, tooth loss is inevitable.

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