Coffee Health Benefits

August 04, 2016, X Dental

Coffee Health Benefits
Coffee Health Benefits
Dawn your day with a warm and strong cup of coffee


I aspire to start my day with a warm, strong cup of quality coffee. I don’t feel guilty about it…because according to the evidence, coffee is highly beneficial for health. 

Do you know coffee might save your life? 
There are lots of health benefits coffee provides to us. I would like to share some of those  with my readers. 
8. Improves Energy Levels and Makes its lovers smarter
Do you need energy?
Coffee is the best choice. Research highlights that coffee is a stimulant that makes you more vigilant. You will be more cognitive during your job.  
7. Enhances the Physical Performance
Coffee increases your physical performance. It contains polyphenols and antioxidants. Polyphenols reduce the risks of diabetes, depression, cardiovascular issues. Antioxidants fight against the obesity.  
6. Protects from Alzheimer disease and Dementia
Most of the nutritionists agree that regular usage of coffee reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease,   especially in an elderly stage. The studies on human beings and animals also indicate that regular caffeine usage lowers down the risks of dementia.
5. Liver Protective agent
Coffee prevents the risks of Liver diseases especially liver cancer. The research highlights that drinking two cups of coffee reduces the risks of liver cancer.  
4. Reduces the risks of Parkinson’s disease
Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease and is very common in the western nations. Mostly, 60+ years old people can be the victims of this disease. Different studies are evident that caffeine lessens the risks of Parkinson’s disease.
3. Lowers the Cardiovascular diseases
Cardiovascular diseases occur due to the production of diterpenes. Unfiltered, brewed coffee removes all the diterpenes.
2. Reduces Post works muscular pain
Do you feel pain in your muscles after the long work day?
Coffee relaxes down the work stress in its users. So, the research highlights that people who take two cups of coffee daily, have lower post work muscular pain than non-coffee users.
1. Coffee burns the calories
Although I don’t have the weight problem, I found one study very interesting. Overweight research participants with green coffee beans extract lose significantly more weight than those who didn’t get the extract. This reveals that coffee helps losing the weight.
Coffee is good for health but its addiction may harm you.  The research reveals that coffee addiction causes multiple issues like sleep problems and anxiety issues.  
In short, the integration of health beneficial bioactive compounds with the lower risks of multiple diseases and disorders – coffee is truly considered as a nutritious drink.


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