Tooth Pain After Filling
Tooth Pain After Filling
Many things can cause tooth pain. You can get a cavity. You may have a toothache after filling a cavity. In fact, you can feel tooth sensitivity after filling a cavity. You can have wisdom tooth pain. You can get stuck in the mouth. You can chip or break a tooth. Crowded teeth cause pain. Teeth grinding can also cause your teeth to hurt. Whatever the reason, get help at cosmetic dentistry clinic the top rated dentists in Brooklyn, NY.

Tooth Pain
It’s hard to ignore a toothache. And it can be frustrating and impossible to ignore when you have a persistent toothache or wisdom toothache. Usually, discomfort comes in the form of a dull pain that comes and goes, but it can also appear as an intense stabbing pain. Whatever your symptoms, tooth pain, unfortunately, is fairly common.

Schedule regular check-ups to prevent this issue. Routine exams and cleanings uncover problems before they start hurting. Your family dentist can prevent soreness or cure the tooth decay that causes pain. Flossing, brushing and using mouthwash also keep your teeth healthy. Good habits prevent many unnecessary emergency visits to the dentist.

Persistent Painful Toothache Symptoms
If you’re like most people, you know what a nightmare a persistent toothache can be. It can keep you up at night with real nightmares. Basic symptoms range from having trouble concentrating on pain and even nausea in some cases. Other symptoms include sore gums, having a hole in your tooth, or tooth sensitivity after fillings.  If your pain has lingered for more than a few days, call your dental specialist in Brooklyn. Trying to self-diagnose the pain causes needless delays. The more information you can give to your Brooklyn dentist, the quicker you can get an appointment.

Relay information such as:

  • When the pain began
  • How long it’s lasted
  • How severe the issue is, on a scale of 1–10
  • Whether you’ve had any mouth injuries
  • Recent dental treatments you’ve undergone

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