Uneven Bite
Uneven Bite
An uneven bite (uneven jaw) after a filling is very common and can easily be fixed by your affordable dentist if that fits best in your schedule. Getting the correct bite is important for a number of reasons, including maintaining your smile and preventing future dental problems. A teeth bite adjustment by a dentist is achievable in our Park Avenue Smiles dental clinic.

Even if you’ve always had a correct bite, it’s still possible to develop an uneven bite after a filling. An uneven bite is described as a bite that’s obviously misaligned in some way. When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, your upper teeth may overlap considerably over your lower teeth. Your teeth look crooked or twisted and can affect your appearance.

An uneven bite affects more than just your looks too. When your teeth don’t fit together properly, you can develop poor eating habits, suffer needlessly from headaches and experience a host of other issues. Invisalign can treat various types of malocclusion, including:

  • Overbite. It’s when your front teeth overlap the bottom ridge too far.
  • Underbite. This condition occurs when the bottom front teeth protrude more than your top front teeth.
  • Crossbite. This happens when any of your upper teeth don’t fit on the side of the lower teeth.
  • Open bite. It’s a condition that appears when your upper and lower front teeth don’t overlap.

Diagnosing an Uneven Bite After a Cavity Filling
When checking for a correct bite after a filling, simply close your teeth together and squeeze. This shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort. You should also feel all of your teeth coming together at once. Try grinding your teeth together in various directions. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort here either.

Your dentist performs this test in the office after he fills a cavity, but the composites used to create the filling can sometimes shift and become misplaced slightly. When this occurs, you can call your dentist and arrange a visit with a Sunday dentist if necessary.

Read more: https://www.yonkersdentalspa.com/uneven-bite/

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