6 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Oral Health

January 27, 2021, Dentistry

6 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Oral Health
6 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Oral Health
If you want to have healthy teeth and gums, you need to brush your teeth, follow a healthy diet, and visit your dentist at least twice a year. But many people have bad habits and don’t maintain proper oral care. This can result in various conditions that can affect your oral health.

It is essential to understand that you are the only person who is responsible for your health. If you want to keep your mouth healthy, you need to pay sufficient attention to the way you treat your body. In this article, we have gathered six bad habits that can destroy your oral health.

1. Poor oral hygiene
It is essential to brush your teeth twice daily, floss daily, and undergo professional teeth cleaning regularly. Lack of oral hygiene can lead to bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and other unpleasant consequences.

The reality is that the bacteria in your mouth can accumulate and produce acids that soften and wear out your tooth enamel. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, don’t neglect proper oral hygiene.

2. Smoking
Smoking is an extremely dangerous habit that can affect your overall health. If you smoke, tobacco by-products builds up on your teeth and gums. In addition to bad breath, tartar, and stained teeth, many smokers can get gum disease.

3. Chewing hard objects
Many people tend to chew a pencil during a phone call or gnaw on an ice cube. But chewing solid objects can significantly affect your oral cavity. For example, you can easily injure your gums and break a tooth. In this case, it is essential to visit an emergency dentist for an exam and treatment if needed.

Additionally, if you have recently got full mouth restoration or any other dental treatment, you can damage your dental work. That’s why it is better to get rid of such a harmful habit. If you still need to chew something, you can use sugar-free gum.

4. Coffee addiction
Indeed, coffee is a perfect way to wake up in the morning and stay awake throughout the day. But you should know that excessive coffee consumption can worsen your oral health. People who drink a lot of coffee can have dark and stained teeth. You should also know that coffee is an acidic drink. This means that the acids in your morning cup of coffee can wear out your tooth enamel.

5. Teeth grinding
Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a condition in which a person clenches their teeth. Even though teeth grinding is more common in children, many adults also have this harmful habit. Bruxism can result in increased tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, and even headache. Constant teeth clenching wears out your tooth enamel and makes your teeth more vulnerable to negative impact.

There are two types of bruxism, sleep and awake. If you have sleep bruxism, you can ask your dentist about special mouth guards that reduce pressure on your teeth and jaws. In the case of awake bruxism, you need to control yourself and avoid clenching your teeth.

6. Having a sweet tooth
People who have a sweet tooth are more prone to develop cavities and gum disease. The reality is that sugar creates a perfect environment for bacteria that produce acids. If you can’t live without sweets, try to replace them with fruit or at least rinse your mouth with water after every candy to eliminate sugar from your oral cavity.

The bottom line
It may be quite difficult to get rid of a bad habit especially if you don’t notice its negative impact. But you should understand that the consequences of these habits can be severe and treatment may be costly and unpleasant.


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