Can smoking put you at risk of needing a Root Canal

March 18, 2021, Clove Dental

Smoking can trigger life-long complications in the body. Apart from asthma, cancer, and lung diseases, smoking also takes a toll on your dental health. Yes, dental health can be affected significantly as several research studies have proven that tobacco can lead to severe gum dieseases by affecting the attachment of bone and soft tissue. But can it lead to root canal?

Continue reading on to learn whethter cigarette smoking can put you at risk of needing an RCT. 

Can Cigarettes Lead to Root Canal?

Dental experts say that smoking can completely dry your mouth and impair the body's responses to infection. Apart from it, it can also lead to tooth discolouration, bad breath, and loss of jaw bone. By smoking, you are exposing the oral cells to strong and harmful chemicals. It obstructs the natural process of saliva generation.

It can irritate your gum tissue, causing it to recede from your teeth and making your roots exposed. The mouth becomes unable to wash away hazardous oral microorganisms and food particles. It creates a situation where these microorganisms start eating the enamel and leave the teeth vulnerable to cavities and degeneration.

If it is left untreated, it can further lead to contamination of gums, teeth, and can damage your mouth. Deep degeneration can also infilter the tooth pulp that houses your nerves and tissues. Only a root canal procedure can cure this condition, and prevent tooth and bone loss. In a nutshell, yes, smoking can put you at risk of root canal treatment!
A study conducted a few years ago showed that smokers are 70 percent more likely to need root canal treatment than nonsmokers.

When your teeth are contaminated due to cigarette smoking, it takes a toll on the immune system of the body. On the other hand, when you quit smoking, you reduce the risk of contracting dangerous dental issues like periodontal illness. It can further escalate to heart problems, Alzheimer’s, and respiratory infections. Therefore, experienced dental surgeons recommend going for a root canal procedure to prevent these diseases.

How can you Quit Smoking?

Your doctor or dentist can help you to calm down your nicotine cravings with the right medicines. You can also start using nicotine patches and gums. although you can get these products OTC, still a professional prescription is recommended.

Apart from this, you can also participate in health programs directed towards nicotine consumption. Connect with your dentist or doctor to know more about such programs. Do you smoke? If yes, it is high time you quit it immediately.

So, yes cigarette smoking can push you to the verge of getting a root canal or tooth extraction. Therefore, it is advisable to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Stopping addictive habits can prove to be exceptionally overwhelming at times. However, the majority of the times, the person needs a small motivation and push to beat hazardous habits. Seeing a dentist for regular cleaning and checkups can help you greatly.

Make sure you discuss the estimate extraction of tooth cost before beginning the procedure. You should also get in touch with the best dentist for a regular dental examination. It can help immensely in preventing severe dental issues. 


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