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SportingSmiles was started in 2009 Wisconsin in a small dental office. We proudly remain in Wisconsin and have outgrown our small beginnings evolving into a 10,000 sq ft climate-controlled facility thanks to our loyal and growing customer base.


Our goal was and still is simple…

To provide High-Quality Orthodontic Products at Affordable Prices.

Too many people are unable to afford quality dental products due to high costs. Until Sporting Smiles was created custom dental and orthodontic products were only available through dentists and orthodontists.


We set out to develop a process to create custom dental products reasonable prices while maintaining dental lab quality. By working directly with a dental lab such as Sporting Smiles, customers can eliminate the “middlemen” and we can provide everyone with high-quality, custom orthodontic products at the lowest price available!


A vital part of our process is our Cutting-Edge Impression Technology and Easy At Home Impression Kit that enables customers to take accurate self-impressions in the comfort of their own home!


In 2011 set out and successfully designed and patented the world’s first dual-arch adjustable dental impression tray which adjusts to all mouth sizes. The tray can be used on both upper and lower teeth and has changed the way dental impressions are taken by individuals.

Before our patented dental impression tray was invented, it was extremely difficult for a person to figure out what size tray they needed, which resulted in unnecessary spending. Trial and error was generally the only way to find the right size, making online distribution difficult.


Now with our patented trays there is no more guessing!  Customers can quickly and easily get an accurate impression of their teeth in the comfort of their home!

We also provide a unique service of keeping customers molds on file for 1 year and with reorders even longer! This eliminates having to make new impressions over and over again and saves our customers time and money! Please contact us with any questions.


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