How To Create Quality Backlinks For Your Dental Clinic Website

April 19, 2021, Dental Plus

Google search
Google search
A good backlinks profile is a guarantee that for the query "dental clinic", Google will show your company. Your goal is to get into the top 5 search results.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to cover the following:

  • how to get backlinks for a dental site;
  • the best ways to create dental web content;
  • strong SEO strategies for dentists.

Know Your Competitors..
Suppose you are just starting a dental practice website. Then a competitor analysis will help you determine where to start. If you already have one or more websites for dentists, this approach will also help. You will see how backlinks for SEO can be effective, which strategies are worth using, and which will be useless. For example, analyze how users react to different types of content. To do this, use professional SEO tools:

  • Ahrefs;
  • MOZ;
  • Serpstat.

With these services, you can see the number of visitors, the growth of traffic, etc.
.. And Know Your Partners As Well
You can look out for ideas from your competitors. With partners, you can exchange ideas or even start joint projects. To do this, make connections with similar resources, but not exactly the same ones. For example, if you have a dental clinic, partner with equipment manufacturers, medical media, nursing apps. You can publish information on your site with a link to them, and they can link to you. That way, you get a free, high-quality dental link.
Present Yourself At Forums and Review Websites
Forums and review sites are a veritable treasure trove of backlinks. There are a lot of real users here who trust each other. However, to improve your site's ranking and not make things worse for your SEO, use these services wisely.
On forums, look for questions related to your topic and answer them. Be sure to leave a link in your answer. But the link must be relevant and useful. For example, the user asks how often you can floss your teeth. And you just recently published such material – feel free to share it.
Review sites
It is better not to write on review sites about your business. Instead, encourage your customers to write about you. You can simply ask to leave a review or even offer a small discount for doing so. The key is to do your work honestly and with quality, then people will be happy to talk about it.
Create Unique and Engaging Content
As with reviews for good work, real references appear if good content is published. Thus, you should focus on quality rather than SEO strategies, and that will be the best strategy. For example, the price of backlinks can be low. However, to have a lot of them, you will have to pay a lot. And one good article can bring thousands of references. But how to do quality content:

  • Come up with unique ideas. There are thousands of dental publications on the Internet; what will make a user choose you?
  • Bring value to the table. Don't write just to write; think about the reader.
  • Communicate with the potential customer. Ask him questions, ask his opinion.
  • Experiment with formats. People are more receptive to pictures, gifs, and videos than to plain text.

Be Active on Social Media
It takes time to make an adaptation of your material for another site with a link to you. But reposting can be done in two clicks. That's why it's so much easier to get distributed on social networks. What's more: Google has also realized the importance of Facebook and Instagram, so it now uses mentions there to rank. So be active on social media. Tip: Don't only duplicate content there, but also change it to the platform's format.
Try Guest Posting
Guest posting is delivering content to be shared on other resources. You or a hired writer prepare useful material on a relevant topic and plant a link there. It must be an interesting text and not PR for your service. It is also important that the blog was reputable, reliable and its target audience coincided with yours. For example, media about self-care would work well for a dental clinic. The effectiveness of guest posting directly depends on these factors. For making guest posting easier you can read more here.
Became a Sponsor For Some Event
This is one of the techniques when offline actions are taken to achieve SEO goals. The point of the approach is to participate in a high-profile event as a sponsor. For example, sponsor a job fair for dentists. Then in every online newsletter about the event, the author would mention you and leave a link to your online resource. However, there is a risk that the mention will be without a link. Keep track of this point and remind web admins that you have a website if necessary


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