Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For You

September 26, 2016, Langley Dental Practice

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For You
Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures For You

There are few things that make a better first impression than smiling and showing a big, pearly white set of teeth. This is especially true if the teeth are all perfectly straight and smooth. Unfortunately, most people do not have perfect teeth, unless they get some cosmetic dentistry procedures done on them. There a whole lot of these offerings for you to choose from, depending on what your needs are.

Genetics and Accidents

The reasons why your teeth may not look as good as you want could have to do with genetics. Some people are born predisposed to having crooked teeth, and they will need braces in the future no matter what they do. There are also accidents that you can get into later in life that can make a tooth look crooked, jagged or even knock it out completely, leaving an unsightly hole in your mouth. Cosmetic dentistry can help in both of these instances.

Your Lifestyle May Lead to Cosmetic Dentistry Needs

In addition to genetics and accidents, the other main reason why you may need some cosmetic dentistry procedures is your lifestyle. If you smoke, most like your teeth have taken on a yellow tinge, particularly the ones towards the front. Perhaps you enjoy red wine with your meals. While there are many studies about the heart healthiness of a glass of wine, it is not particularly good for your teeth, as it can stain them. Coffee and tea drinkers are also at risk for need some cosmetic dentistry work, as are elderly people whose teeth are turning yellow or starting to thin out or chip with age.

Teeth Whitening

One of the easiest and most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. This is usually done as part of a three-step process, and is not painful at all and perfectly safe. There are no drills or other instruments used, and you can go home as soon as the session is over. You can expect to see some immediate benefit from this, with zero damage to your teeth, but you will have to have it done again occasionally. Your dentist can tell you how often you need to have it done, and schedule you accordingly. This is for natural teeth only, as crowns and fillings cannot get whitened.

Cosmetic Dentistry Restorations

A cosmetic dentistry restoration usually focuses on one or a few teeth, rather than your entire set, like whitening does. Specifically, a tooth that has been chipped or cracked can be restored so it looks just like it did before, and matches all the other ones. This involves fitting and bonding a replica tooth or piece of one to fix a broken tooth. This makes your smile more even, and prevents others from being drawn to that one tooth that they see as in imperfection. Instead, all they will see is a perfect smile.

Dental Implants

If you have an entire tooth missing, an implant is a great way to fix it. This will fill any gaps or holes you have in your smile so that everything look natural, as if you never had anything missing in the first place. This is a great alternative to dentures, and can be done on multiple teeth in one sitting if need be.

Porcelain Veneers

Another really popular procedure is to have veneers installed. These are very white, thin shells that are permanently fixed to your real teeth to mask imperfections. They make your teeth look bright white and uniform, much like you might see a from a celebrity's smile. You can have only the top row done, only the bottom, or both as needed. They are usually made from porcelain, though some dentists may also use some kind of composite resin. These are easy to take care of, and give you that eternally pearly smile that most people can only dream of.

Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Confidence

Though these are not medically necessary procedures, there are still a lot of positives to have one or more of them done. When you have a smile that is bright and full of straight teeth, it can really help you look and feel better. This boosts your confidence, which can then be felt in your everyday life. Imagine how much more work you can get done, or how much better you may be able to do it, if you felt confident and proud. No matter if it is lifestyle choices such as drinking coffee frequently, or some kind of accident where a tooth got knocked out, cosmetic dentistry can truly change your life.



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