Top 7 tips how to maintain the Teeth

October 07, 2016, Langley Dental Practice

Dental health is generally referring to the term the overall health status of the mouth. The mouth is the play a vital role in maintains the health of human.

When we ate the food some part of the foods remains stick in the mouth which sooner or later get started to decay and invite the various germs.  That’s why dentist recommend brush after every meal which make your mouth free for the germ attack. Healthy body is the result of healthy mouth and healthy mouth is better for the food intake. You can promoteyour dental clinic by Fifty-five Printing which helps your company and individual through various promotional methods like printing the visiting card and many more printed items.

Tips to maintain the good health of teeth:

Nutrition- Choosing the right nutrition is the important step for the healthy mouth. Most of the food which contain high value of sugar and starch while be avoided because the bacteria and germs mainly attracted toward the contents of the sugar which started to decay your enamel tooth. Take the food which is containing low rate of sugar.

Regular dental visit-Most of the people do not visit for the dental check up because of the expense they bear during the check-up. The early and small expenses is beneficial rather to spent more amount of money later for the tooth

Smoking –Smoking is the overall damage to the body, it is not only damage your general health but also became the cause of the mouth cancer for the most of the people. Mainly smoking is more risky for those who are suffering from some kind of the mouth surgery or dental treatments. Avoid the smoking and be the good thinker of your teeth.

Chewing gums-Chewing gum is very god of for the mouth activity because it increases the flow of the blood and neutralizes the acid and cleans your mouth. So be a chew gum lover for the healthy teeth.

Soft tooth brush-Always uses the soft tooth brush because hard brush causes abrasion to your enamel. We can soften the bristle of the brush by hot water which make sure your healthy teeth

Change your tooth brush – Change the tooth brush after every 3 months because of the ineffectiveness of the long durability.

Use a straw-While drinking cold drink you need to use straw because it bypass the acid to your teeth and wash the mouth after every meal and every type of drink.

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