Diet Tips and Foods to Prevent Dental Problems

December 14, 2016, Parramatta Green Dental

Diet Tips and Foods to Prevent Dental Problems
Diet Tips and Foods to Prevent Dental Problems
Diet Tips and Foods to Prevent Dental Problems

We all know that a balanced diet and healthy food intake is the key towards wellness. They help you lose weight, gain optimum health and make you feel good too. The same does apply to your teeth as well. You are what you eat. The foods you take will have a great impact on your dental health too. To prevent common dental problems, here are essential tips suggested by expert dentists in Parramatta.


A balanced diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D is very helpful in developing strong teeth and health gums. When there’s an increase in calcium absorption, it keeps our mouth tissues healthy as well. Make sure you get enough calcium intake from 3 to 4 daily servings of dairy foods such as broccoli, calcium fortified orange juice, milk and more.

Fluoride is the Way to go

Fluoride saves our teeth from tooth decay and keeps the enamel harder, which means that ideal dental health is sustained. This is made possible by diminishing the ability of the bacteria in producing an acid that can erode the enamel. Sufficient water intake is also vital to maintain optimum health, apart from a healthy diet. However, make sure that the drinking water is rich in fluoride content too.

Bottled or packaged drinking water doesn’t have enough fluoride content. Home water treatment systems also remove enough fluoride from tap water. Carbon or charcoal water filtration systems, however do not wash away much of the fluoride content.


Any food you intake in excess can damage your teeth. Whilst the following list of foods isn’t downright harmful for your teeth, careful attention must be taken during consumption of these foods to avoid tooth decay.

Starchy Foods: Foods such as chips, potatoes and pizza can leave debris or pieces stuck between your teeth. If not removed at the right time, this can convert into sugar and harm the enamel of your teeth. In worst case scenario, this can also lead to bacterial growth and infections.

Soda & Sports Drinks:These foods contain acids and chemicals that can harm the teeth, when consumed in excess. These drinks contain sugar content that’s enough to damage your teeth.

Fruits & Fruit Juices:

Despite the fact that natural fruits and fruit juices are healthy, its natural sugar content isn’t going to do anything good to your teeth. Consuming them in excess can promote tooth decay and erosion of the enamel.


Water: It goes without saying that water is important not just for our teeth, but for our overall health too.

Green Tea: Green tea has Polyphenols, which develops antioxidants that opposes plaque build-up and bacterial growth.

Nuts: The high vitamin and mineral content in nuts are beneficial in overall and dental health.

Fruits & Veggies: Fruits & veggies pack in vitamins and essential nutrients that develop strong teeth and good oral health.

The above list doesn’t occupy everything that can do good and bad to your teeth. Alongside following the aforementioned tips, consult an expert dentist in Parramattato get a deep insight on maintaining a good oral health for long.

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