Top 10 things patients want when they visit the dentist

January 12, 2017, Lentini Dental

what patients want from the dentist
what patients want from the dentist
The following is a top 10 list of what patients want from their dental experience.
The following is a top 10 list of what patients expect and want when they visit the dentist. Be it a visit to their general dentist or local cosmetic dentist in Melbourne.
1. Patients want what they want! Any dentist must understand what his or her patients want,their priorities and issues in dealing with dental care.
2. Patients want skilled and competent treatment, this is central to their dental experience. The dentist and staff need to keep up-to-date as well as focus their attention fully on each moment.
3. Patients expect and want a 100% pain-free experience. This is a no-brainer really.
4. Patients want a friendly, professional, responsive, and supportive staff. Patients experience results in higher patient comfort, trust and a feeling of well-being.
5. Patients want open and honest communication with dentist and staff. People are not always comfortable expressing issues with the treating dentist or staff. It is important that patients are given an opportunity to express what is on their mind, even if they feel it may be uncomfortable for the dentist or staff to hear it.
6. Patients want to feel connected with the dentist and staff. When patients feel connected to their dentist they feel safe and protected.
7. Patients need to feel anxiety-free. When a patient expresses feeling anxious the dentist should discuss different approaches to eliminating anxiety including anxiety-control medication.
8. Patients want a competently and professionally run dental practice. People appreciate a well managed office with friendly and professional staff.
9. Patients need the dentist to confront and deal with issues in a positive way. The dentist needs to discuss and help problem-solve any issues the patient might have.
10. Patients want to know that the suggestions the dentist makes, take their questions, concerns and issues into consideration.


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