Do you really need an electric toothbrush

February 24, 2017, Langley Dental Practice

The short answer is yes. You do need an electric toothbrush if you want your teeth to be cleaner than ever.

The reasons are many. In this article I will focus on the top 4 reasons why you need an electric toothbrush.

First of all, electric toothbrushes have been proven to remove more bacteria than normal toothbrushes. That’s something that I will not include in the four points, but it is really important.

Electric toothbrushes have many extras that normal toothbrushes lack. Some of them are:

1. They have two minute timers that notify you when two minutes have passed since you started brushing your teeth. Most people fail to brush their teeth for the two minutes – which is the amount of time most doctors around the globe recommend. The two minute timer helps you keep your mind relaxed by not having to think about your brushing time.

2. They have quadrants timers that allow users to know when it is time to change the quadrant in your mouth. Your mouth is divided in 4 sections. Upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left. Most people when they brush their teeth’s they don’t know exactly if they brushed equally each one of the four quadrants in their mouth. The quadrant timer helps them to spend their brushing time equally between quadrants.

3. Electric Toothbrushes have pressure sensors. Pressure sensors allow you to understand when you press the toothbrush on your teeth to hard. When you brush your teeth to hard you scrap the enamel of your teeth and this may cause you teeth problems. The pressure sensor makes a sound when you push the brush to your teeth to hard notifying you to stop.

4. Electric toothbrushes vibrate up to 30 000 times per minute cleaning your teeth much better than you normally would do with y our manually toothbrush. Imagine the movements the bristles make to your teeth for a whole two minute session. Electric toothbrush can clean your teeth better and also make them look and feel cleaner.

Some electric toothbrush models are ultrasonic. Ultrasonic toothbrushes emit ultrasonic waves that can destroy the bacteria found in your mouth. Normal toothbrushes destroy and clean the bacteria only to the surface of your teeth. Ultrasonic waves are able to clean even further to your teeth.

Electric toothbrushes are the future and you need to understand that are going to make your life easier by using them.



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