How can root canal therapy be used to treat an infected tooth

March 17, 2017, The Dental Hub

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon
Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon
Root canal is one of the best way to repair infected tooth. Know here how a root canal therapy is used to treat an infected a tooth.

Toothaches can cause you restless nights. As a matter of fact, a painful tooth can make your life horrendous. It prompts headaches, paralyzing pain in the mouth and makes eating a problem that you cannot start to imagine. This is primarily on account of tooth decay, which results in the infection of the pulp and makes it so tough for you to live contentedly. Root canal treatment in Gurgaon has been advanced over the years to make certain that you are able to effortlessly access fantastic dental care.

What exactly is root canal therapy

A root canal, also recognized as endodontic therapy, is a series of treatments concentrated on the pulp cavity of the tooth. When the pulp cavity gets septic, it causes severe tooth sensitivity and heaps of pain. Endodontic therapy therefore aims at eradicating the infection plus guarding the disinfected tooth from any future attack by microorganisms. Simply put, this treatment is concentrated on the inside of the tooth. It is an essential form of treatment for a pulp that has become diseased or swollen. The causes of the septicity or inflammation differ terrifically. In maximum cases, it is deep decay of the tooth, but in others, it could be a defective crown, recurrent dental procedures on the tooth or a crack in the tooth. On top of that, any type of ordeal to a tooth can cause impairment to the pulp even if the tooth does not have any observable cracks or chips. When left untreated, the septicity causes a lot of pain.

How does root canal therapy help

During the root canal treatment, a dentist in Gurgaon removes the infested or inflamed pulp cautiously and the interior of the tooth is washed. It is then sanitized to avert any further damage by infection. Once the cleaning and disinfection is complete, the tooth is filled and closed up using a rubber-like material known as gutta-percha. The final step is to refurbish the tooth with a crown or filling that offers shield. This process is very vital to make certain that the teeth function like any other teeth. Thus, the benefits of a root canal therapy are just so many including:

  • Refurbishing normal biting force and sensation
  • Chewing remains proficient
  • Guarding the other teeth from excessive straining or wear
  • Maintaining the natural appearance of the tooth


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