Convenience Helps Dental Patient Attendance

April 21, 2017, Value Dental

Convenience Helps Dental Patient Attendance
Convenience Helps Dental Patient Attendance
The majority of individuals visit the dentist about once or twice a year for routine cleanings and exams depending on their insurance plan.

Visits over and above that typically mean that there is an issue that has to be addressed and treated at the office.  When looking for a primary dental practice there are several characteristics that patients want to ensure that they are receiving quality treatment and customer satisfaction.

Range of services is important especially if you have several members in the home of various ages so that you don’t have to travel all over the place to get them all seen.  Cost and payment plans, ease of scheduling and emergency information are also on the list but one factor that often rises above all of these is convenience in location.

Patients want to be able to attend their appointments in a way that fits neatly into their schedule so they look for dentist offices close to home or close to work but not outside of their normal travel zone.  This convenience feature allows them to stay close to where they are comfortable and not go out of their way when they have a lot of tasks to do and want to accomplish everything in the same area.  The best dentist in Gilbert, AZ, is conveniently located in a central area where patients cannot only get their teeth cleaned, crowns made, braces put on and other dental procedures but then do their shopping, get gas and get home in a reasonable amount of time.  Of course, customer service, friendly staff members, experienced dentist and clean facilities are all important to the patient experience and if there isn’t a practice close by that meets all of these criteria then they may be willing to travel a little further to find it.

However, the first place individuals are going to look is close to home or their routine area of travel on a regular basis.  Appointment scheduling and length of time goes along with this because they don’t want to plan on a 45 minute visit and end up spending 2 hours because of delays and inefficiency.  This throws off their day and leaves a bad impression so it is important that the office book with reasonable time frames, provide an online scheduling portal for patient access and keep patients informed if unexpected delays occur.  It is amazing how communication can make a difference in the experience for the individual and as long as it isn’t a pattern then they are willing to deal with this on a rarity basis.

The best dentist in Gilbert, AZ, should have the highest number of qualities that you are looking for in a family dental practice along with professional staff members and variety of services.  Start your search on the Internet and find a location that is close by and convenient in addition to having everything else you want and then schedule your first appointment to become an established patient with a great practice.


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