How to Show Love in Marketing of Your Dental Clinic

April 26, 2021, Dental Plus

How to Show Love in Marketing of Your Dental Clinic
How to Show Love in Marketing of Your Dental Clinic
Even a dental clinic needs a quality marketing campaign to attract customers. And we will tell you some interesting secrets.

The success of Your Brilliance Dental Business
Dentistry is a truly lucrative and non-trivial line of business. This is not surprising, because almost all adults need various services (cleaning from tartar, installing fillings, removing teeth, prosthetics, etc.). Yes, a dazzling smile is especially important for us both in everyday life (so we can make a good impression on others) and in business. Moreover, healthy teeth not only increase our self-esteem and positive impact on other people but even help us find a partner. It doesn't matter if you meet in real life or on the best dating sites like - everyone always likes people with a beautiful smile. It is not surprising that the competition in the segment of dental clinics is very high, and there is a serious struggle for each client. We'll show you some tricks on how to win, show love and build trust with your users.
Learn to Stand Out from the List of Competitors
We advise you not to fight with competitors, wasting precious time, but to protect yourself as much as possible. Your competitors won't hurt you if you take care of your website, advertising, online reputation, etc. How to do it? All you need to do is use 1 of 3 universal techniques.
• Show clients that your clinic has the most experienced staff in the region. At the same time, employees are not looking for a better company and another place of work, they feel good here too. This is facilitated by a favorable working atmosphere and a decent salary. After all, only thanks to their qualifications, the quality of service have changed for the better. Also mention the good management of the clinic - after all, it is they who take care of personnel, and for good customer reviews about employees, they offer bonuses and bonuses to the latter.
• Have you been copied? Read it as a plus for yourself. Unobtrusively share with the client, for example, that your dental center is the first in the region to introduce a doctor's supervision program in the clinic. Copying your actions by another company confirms that competitors are equal to you.
• Give a real-life example of how patients of a competing clinic became your clients. At the same time, in no case try to denigrate someone else's dental center, but make it clear that you helped solve the problem of a person dissatisfied with poor-quality treatment.
Offer Clients Additional Terms
Don't forget to create a Unique Selling Proposition. You must implement in your clinic such a service that will make a person with a bad tooth looking for information about dentistry on the Internet choose you. There are some great options for capturing the interest of a potential client.
• Interest-free installments without prepayment. Agree, a tempting offer for clients who need comprehensive treatment. By the way, offering a range of services instead of reduced prices is an interesting solution.
• Treatment under general anesthesia. It would seem who would choose general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia? It affects the heart, and in general, the local is safer. But many people are panicky afraid to visit the dental office. Among them, some would prefer not to feel or remember anything during an unpleasant procedure. These are the people who will become your clients.
• Promotions and discounts for dental treatment. What you need for retirees, students, and regular patients. The first two categories do not have enough funds, and the third you need to try to keep - it brings the clinic a permanent income.
• Free warranty for the work performed. This will help "close" one of the client's main fears, so you make it clear that the clinic will be responsible for the doctors' mistakes.
• Examination of the child in kindergarten. You can start promoting in kindergarten: handing out toothbrushes and instructions on how to properly brush your teeth, with brief information for parents about the clinic and the website. As a result, many parents who came with their babies for the initial examination will become regular clients of your clinic.
Take care of the Reputation of Your Dental Center in Real Life and the Internet
People's trust is earned by those who answer questions quickly and confidently. But most of all, people believe in someone who is like them. We recommend that you communicate with your patients as much as possible and learn about their health. You can even ask the client to write a review about you and post it on a thematic site (you can even give a small bonus for this). This approach contributes to the rapid advancement of the company and gaining trust in the eyes of users.
And, of course, do not forget about the promotion on the Internet. Many new clients will find out about your clinic from here (if you are running a good information campaign). There are 5 ways that potential clients most often find clinics on the Internet:
• On request for information. They describe a symptom in the request, for example, "a tooth hurts when it is cold, what to do," and links to articles appear in the search results. Reading the article, a person is convinced that he wrote an expert who can solve his problem.
• For commercial inquiries. By entering the query "caries treatment price", the user, as it were, gives his status of a "warm" client. The search engine shows a list of commercial pages and (possibly) landing pages that are relevant to the query. On such pages, as a rule, not only prices are given, but also the advantages of clinics are described.
• By contextual advertising. Users go to clinic sites from advertising banners that are shown on the sites.
• Through social networks and review sites. Here the "magic" of word of mouth is at work. Review sites have become so powerful that they have become something of a search engine. Companies are willing to pay big bucks for writing reviews, which will "hang" on these sites in the top for specific services.
• Through aggregators - sites that collect offers from different clinics and are presented in the form of a list.
• Youtube. Video is the most popular type of content among users. The site YouTube, which hosts a huge number of videos, is the third-largest in the world in terms of the volume of requests processed. You can work with video content on social networks. Dental marketing takes marketing to the next level with targeting options. You can set up an advertising campaign for specific people who are your target audience. It will take about $25 to promote one video, and thousands of potential customers will watch it.
It is important that the person is interested in your offer. So also post a quality call to action on your site. The “Sign up for a free consultation” template works, but there is always another option - to place a call to action that will interest the user more. Add that the record goes for a free consultation with the head physician himself (or doctor of medical sciences). Knowing that they will be served by a highly qualified specialist, clients will rush to sign up.
Using the maximum number of promotion methods for marketing in dentistry is a guarantee that you will not be sitting without clients and revenue. An integrated approach will create synergy. When you use all available customer acquisition channels, the return on each individual is greater than if you use one channel. And your dental clinic will be able to show love to its customers, gain their loyalty and gain a leading position in the segment.


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