Are You Suffering From Dark Gums

April 27, 2021, Neo Smile Dental Clinic

Aren’t those charismatic smiles make your heart bounce again & again? Of course, there is a magical power in a beautiful smile. And, if you feel you have serious dental issues or feel embarrassed because of improper teeth, booking an appointment with Dental Implant in Ahmedabad or routine dentists is something we recommend highly.

However, Dental Implants is not the only solution to your improper or odorous mouth condition. We have shared lots of information in our guides about various dental issues.

And, today we bring up a fresh guide for those who suffer from dark gum issue.

So, let’s start straight.

It is many patients dream to have coral pink gums and white teeth. Many people are conscious of their dark gum issues. Usually, gums have a mottled colour pattern and finding out the reason behind what causes them to turn into darker shades require deep analysis. Let’s here find out what causes black gums.

    Natural dark gums

Eventually, your gums contain pigment just like your skin. As skin colour arrives in a variety of shades, gums too have different shades. There will remain a higher level of pigment in the gums of any individuals with dark skin. In case if your gums are dark because of genetics, you need not be concerned. In such a case, it will be fine to have dark and perfectly healthy gums.

    Lifestyle matters

There can be some external factors that can affect the gum colour. The medication you intake can also be the reason for the changed gum colour. If you are a chain-smoker, it can also impact your oral health. Smoking can have an adverse impact on how your gums look. If you want to change your gum colour, it is essential to limit the factors that can affect them in the first place. You should consult with the doctor in case of such a condition.

    Black gums can be problematic

Many times, the reason behind darkened gums comes from within. When you find a sign of discolouration, it can take a serious form of gum disease. This situation will result in the gum tissue at a quick time. If oral disease is anything that causes your gums to look unhealthy, then this is a simple sign of unhealthy gums. Before you correct the colour of your gums, black gums can be the reason for big issues.

Ending up,

Whenever you find dark gums issue, you should approach the best dentist or Dental Implants in Ahmedabad Company for the betterment of your oral hygiene. If you are suffering from dark gums, you should not allow any of such situations to hamper your overall health. A skilled gum specialist will help you while you are numb with a local anaesthetic. We will discuss your current gum health, cost, the recovery process, and treatment for gum disease.

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