5 Tips for a White Bright and Healthy Smile

April 27, 2017, Cedar Dental Centre

5 Tips for a White Bright and Healthy Smile
5 Tips for a White Bright and Healthy Smile
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A small curve on your face has the power to make all the difference in the world. When you smile, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released. These brain chemicals are responsible for making you feel happy along with lowering your stress levels. The more the endorphins are released, the lower the cortisol (stress hormone) gets.

But constantly wearing a smile is not an easy task to perform. To achieve a beautiful, attractive and healthy smile, you require a good dental care regime. If your teeth are in fine fettle, then they can perfectly manage the overall health and nutrition. Teeth play a vital role in your ability to eat and speak.

Do you also know that unhealthy teeth can be a cause of heart diseases and diabetes? Yes! For instance, the bacterial dental plaque on your teeth can upsurge the risk of heart ailments.

No need to fret anymore! Follow these below advised tips for healthy teeth to never allow your precious smile to fade away:

Always Go For The Conventional Dental Floss Technique
Flossing your teeth is an effective and significant method of removing plaque from those parts of the teeth where your toothbrush in unable to reach. Your toothbrush only does half of the cleaning job, and the rest of the germs are attacked by floss. Floss your teeth regularly and prevent cavities and gingivitis.

Fix a Half-Yearly Dental Appointment For You And Your Family
Ensure to plan for biannual visits to the dentist for you and your family. Regular dental check-ups provide immense support for accomplishing good dental health and a white and bright smile.

Watch Out the Foods and Drinks That You Are Consuming
Healthy foods are the secret to healthy teeth. For good oral health, consider lowering your sugar, coffee, tea and red wine intake. Food items with a high content of caffeine or sugar can lead to tooth decay, pain in gums and staining. So don’t let your young ones & yourself indulge in a lot of cookies and soft drinks at the parties.

Quality Toothbrush for Quality Teeth
Make sure that everybody in your family brushes twice daily. Regular brushing your teeth will help in minimising plaque, preventing gum diseases and warding off dental decay.

For regular brushing, you require a good quality toothbrush. You can also make an electric toothbrush your brushing partner. No wonder, electric toothbrushes are clinically tested and have proven to remove more plaque and achieve the mission of healthier gums in a quick and better way than other manual toothbrushes.

Break-Up with That Addictive Habit of Smoking
Cigarette smoking can stain your teeth. Superficial discolouring on your teeth can be polished off unless it gets soaked deep into the enamel. Smoking also harms your healthy gums, stimulating them to recede and mature into large pockets around the teeth.

Don’t wait for the chocolates to leave behind cavities! Instead, take these dental tips into account and maintain that curve all your life.


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