Smile and live a happier life

May 11, 2021, ritebitedental

Smile and live a happier life
Smile and live a happier life
The corona pandemic seems to have had a negative impact on how much people smile throughout the world. Since we have not been able to hug our dearest and do things we are used to, we have not been smiling as much as we used to. Not enough smiling however can affect people's mental health negatively.

By pulling on a smiley face, you trick the brain into believing you are happy – even at the times when you are not. Studies also shows that if a person tries to reinforce positive emotions by smiling the facial muscles also affect the mood. This in turn can make us more positive and in such live a happier life. Our brain is designed to think negatively as a pure defence mechanism, but it is possible to lure the brain to believe that we are happier by smiling more often!


Put on a smile everyday – even when you are feeling down

The global pandemic has come to affect us all negatively, in some way or another. For some of us, life in lockdown has come to result in too many hours of isolation, and too many days without human contact. Some of us have discovered new activities to pass the day with, like working out from home, zooming with friends, mastered the art of sports betting or maybe even adopted a puppy. But for some, the pandemic has been completely awful. Some have struggled more than others to put on a smile.

However, it is possible to trick the brain into believing that we are happier simply by smiling more often. By smiling regularly every day, we can train the brain to create more positive thought patterns. You do not need beautiful teeth to show of your beautiful smile. Put on a smile everyday – even on the days you feel like it the least.

Smiling is contagious

If you do not feel like smiling for your own sake, why not do it for others? The saying “smiling is contagious” is not just a saying, but a scientific fact. According to scientists, people have so called “mirror neurons” that are activates when we look at other people doing something. We do as others do, usually completely unconsciously. We yawn when others around us yawn, just like we respond with a smile when someone around us smiles at us. With that said, if you want to make someone else feel better you can just smile at them.

A smile does not only improve your and someone else's mood. It also makes you look more confident compared to a person who looks grumpy or mad. Studies once again show that employees in companies who smiles at customers are perceived as much more accessible and competent. The same goes when you call someone’s customer service – even if you do not see the actual smile itself. You can, however, feel if the person is smiling just by listening to his or her voice. If you sense a smile, the words that comes out from the employees' mouth will sound much more reliable.


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