Oral Care All You Should Know

May 17, 2021, ritebitedental

Those who are concerned about periodontal disease and bad breath, and those who have systemic diseases need particularly thorough oral care. In this article, a dental hygienist will explain why, what happens without oral care, and the correct way to do it. If you are planning to buy bulk oral products, you can check out Teeth whitening wholesale products to save some money. 

What is the difference between oral care and dental care?

Oral care refers to the care of the entire mouth, while dental care refers to brushing teeth = brushing teeth. In other words, oral care products include not only toothbrushes, but also floss / interdental brushes, mouthwashes, tongue brushes, and moisturizers.

What happens if I don't do oral care?

Increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease

Without oral care, dirt and bacteria can build up in your mouth, making you more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease. As the tooth decay progresses, you may not be able to chew or you may experience severe pain. As periodontal disease progresses, blood bleeds from the teeth, teeth shake, and when it becomes severe, teeth naturally fall out. It is often too late to notice that periodontal disease does not cause pain even if it progresses.

Halitosis is more likely to occur

Halitosis is more likely to occur if dirt and bacteria accumulate without oral care. Even if you have bad breath, you often cannot be aware of it. Moreover, because it is a delicate issue, it is often not pointed out by others.

Teeth turn yellow or dark

Food and drink will color your teeth. If oral care is given immediately after eating and drinking, the color of the teeth is unlikely to change, but if oral care is not given, the color will settle and the teeth will turn yellow or dark.

Adversely affects general health

Oral care does more than just keep your mouth clean. Since the mouth is the entrance to everything, dirt and bacteria will flow into the whole body along with food and drink without oral care. Studies have shown that this increases the risk of contracting respiratory and heart disease.


Do it the right way

Toothpaste, which is the basis of oral care, cannot remove dirt and bacteria even if it is brushed in the correct way. It is also important to choose a toothbrush that suits your mouth condition when brushing your teeth.

If your teeth are light pink and firm and you don't get blood while brushing, use a normal hardness toothbrush. We recommend the most common shape with straight hair tips. To move the toothbrush, place the tip of the hair at a right angle to the boundary between the tooth and the toothbrush and move it finely. Rub it about 10 times in one place. Plaque, which is a stain on your teeth, is sticky and cannot be removed without rubbing it firmly.

If you have a sore toothbrush while brushing your teeth, or if you have blood while brushing your teeth, use a soft-haired toothbrush. It is also recommended to use a toothbrush that says "Prevention of periodontal disease". To move the toothbrush, insert the tip of the hair into the gingival and periodontal pocket, and move it gently at a slight angle. Initially, you may experience pain and bleeding, but if you continue daily, it will subside.


Aaron Pang
Aaron Pang - China

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27 May 2021

Aaron Pang
Aaron Pang - China

Aiwejay is a Electric Toothbrush manufacturer in China, High quality Sonic toothbrush Supplier ,We supply the best factory price, Custom electric toothbrush now!

27 May 2021


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