5 Tips for after dental impact treatment care

May 27, 2021, Neo Smile Dental Clinic

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Taking care of the implants just the way you did for your teeth before the implants is a bad idea. Are you sure that it is the proper way to take care of the implants after you get the dental treatment in Ahmedabad done? Implants are prone to damage when not taken proper care of. Neglecting the instructions given by the dentists could land you up to damaging those implants.

The implants treatments give your smile back that you lost due to your damaged or missing tooth. Dentists surely were successful in giving you a brand new simple but keeping that smile intact is all on your hands. Here are some of the t ways to take great care of the dental implant in Ahmedabad to keep that smile intact.

    Use a soft bristle brush

Artificial implants are durable but they may not be that strong as our tooth. Unlike our natural teeth’s outer coating there is a chance that hard bristles may scratch the implants. Better safe than sorry. So make sure that on your way home after getting the treatment do not forget to buy a soft bristle brush.

    Just choosing the soft brush is not enough

From the time we were kids we have been taught to thoroughly brush our teeth. We seem to ignore this instruction for a long time now but not anymore. To maintain oral hygiene after the implant treatment makes sure that you brush your teeth even under the crown properly. Make sure you brush around and under the implant thoroughly.

    Do not forget to floss daily

Floss is no longer teeth cleaning thing for you, It is going to be one of the important parts of your teeth care regime. Implants are prone to a lot of accumulation that needs to be flossed out regularly. Have a sticky note on your vanity mirror that reminds you of floss. You can even carry the stash floss with you in your purse or keep it in your car so that it is handy.

    Sticky and chewy food is a big no

There are various kinds of food that you would strictly avoid after having a dental implant. These foods have a high chance of damaging the implant and inducing pain and discomfort.

Food like gummies, caramel, ice cream, hard candies, and more. You can evaluate the food in front of you based on labels like sticky, chewy, spicy, hard, acidic, crunchy and more. The food placed before it falls in any of the mentioned categories and is likely to damage the implant so resists your craving for eating that food.

    Schedule regular dental checkups

Last but not least make sure that you visit your dentist regularly to keep know about any suspected damage or degradation of the implant. Regular check-up oral hygiene would keep you away from the future risk of damaging the implants.

Even after taking utmost care of the overall oral hygiene if you mind any discomfort or anomalies you can visit the dentist and get the dental implant in Ahmedabad checked.

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