What is a Dental Support Organization

June 24, 2021, Langley Dental Practice

Many dentists find themselves sin situations where it can be difficult to manage a professional practice in seeing day to day patients as well as manage the business. Any dental practice requires extensive management just like any other business. Because of the challenges of managing a dental business, there are many dentists that turn to assistance from dental support organizations.


Dental support organizations offer assistance to dental professionals. These organizations assist with critical business management and support the process of daily operations on the business side of dentistry. When a dentist is able to turn over non-clinical duties to a support network, they can finally have dedicated professionals to assist with bookkeeping, marketing, maximizing patient experience and more.

With a DSO, a dentist can focus on bringing great experiences in dental care to their patients without all of the supervision and daily requirements that it takes to run a business. Through the support of professional office management and ongoing improvements to any dental clinic that a DSO provides, it is possible to see ongoing benefits for the business and for every patient.

Choosing to work with a DSO can help dentists to free up time, eliminate stress, meet all the requirements for a local business and improve staff morale too. Trying to wear many hats in a dental practice can often leave a dentist strained and overworked. By choosing the affordable option of a dental support organization, you can get the support that is needed to help you on the business side without having to sacrifice the quality of work in your practice.

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