All That You Must Know About A Cracked Tooth

June 25, 2021, Clove Dental

Cracks on teeth are quite dangerous since when the cracks begin to widen, without any treatment, they cause sensitivity, toothache, cavities, etc. Thus, if tooth cracks are bothering you, or someone that you happen to know, must be aware of the causes, cures and teeth cleaning prices so that you can take immediate action the moment your dentist advises you so. Read this blog to know everything about a cracked tooth.


What makes your teeth crack?
Dental trauma
An accidental blow to your jaws can lead to severe dental injuries. It causes immense pain and might lead to bleeding. Possibilities are there that you will also crack a tooth or more.

Scratched enamel
Wrong ways of brushing and flossing, using a hard-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth, a toothpick to clean the teeth and a cheap flossing thread are causes enough to erode the enamel of the teeth. As a result of this, the teeth begin to grow weaker without the strong outer coating and begin to crack.
One of the biggest dangers of teeth is cavities. Cavities should be prevented at their initial stage because when they begin to spread wide and large, the tooth becomes weaker and almost broken. These teeth grow so brittle that they gradually crack causing sensitivity and toothache.
A harsh bite
Chewing or biting something hard cracks your teeth. When you apply pressure to open a bottle cap with your teeth, forcefully try to bite onto a walnut or so, you cause inevitable damage to your teeth.

How can tooth cracks be treated?
You have to be careful about your teeth and taking to these treatments will also be a great option to prevent the cracks from widening.
Root canal treatment
Dental crowns
Tooth fillings or dental bondings

Avoid having anything too cold or hot immediately after the treatments.
Eat something soft like yoghurt, ice creams, bananas, soups, oat, etc. Having such foods will apply the least amount of pressure to the treated teeth.
Refrain from using straws to drink liquids. Drink from a glass while sipping slowly. When you use a straw, you tend to apply pressure which might cause the crowns or dental fillings to peel off or cause bleeding from the root canal treatment area.

A tooth filling is a common cure for tooth cracks but make sure that it is conducted under a licensed and renowned dentist. The dental clinic must maintain complete hygiene as many harmful germs find your mouth as their medium to enter your body and cause havoc. Therefore, do not neglect your tooth cracks and visit a clinic that maintains every bit of cleanliness.


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