Importance of taking good care of your teeth

July 18, 2021, Wellness Dental

care of your teeth Author - Sora Shimazaki: Pexels
care of your teeth Author - Sora Shimazaki: Pexels
Brushing your teeth regularly is the foundation of great oral care.

Our pearly whites have a critical role to play in our lives. Brushing your teeth regularly is the foundation of great oral care.

Teeth help us chew food, they truly make our smile beautiful and help us to talk and speak clearly. They also transform our visual appearance and give our face its shape. All this makes sense to take good care of our oral health.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to take care of your pearly whites:

You can smile with confidence: If your teeth are in bad condition, you are less likely to smile and laugh when you are around people. Tooth staining and bad breath can make us feel a little self-conscious when talking or smiling. By taking good care of your teeth, you can boost a bright white smile. A great smile helps to maintain your confidence and appearance within social settings and relationship building.

Pregnancy: New research suggests that your oral health affects your pregnancy. Pregnant women with gum disease are at risk of having a low birth weight. Taking care of teeth and overall oral hygiene during pregnancy may decrease the amount of cavity-causing bacteria.

You can enjoy any meal: The health of your teeth and gums directly affects your chewing ability. With healthy teeth, you can enjoy life to the fullest. People who have damaged or lost teeth can experience bite misalignment that creates problems when eating or pronouncing words clearly. By taking good care of your teeth, you are helping to ensure you can continue eating anything you love without any trouble. So, taking care of your teeth is one way you get to enjoy life better.

You may get a respiratory problem: When you have gum disease and untreated tooth decay, the bacteria in the mouth can spread throughout your body. It can be taken into the lungs and cause respiratory issues like pneumonia.

Tooth loss and periodontitis damage isn’t reversible: Periodontitis, caused by lack of dental hygienic care, can have extremely negative effects on your gums and teeth. It leads to decay in your jawbone, teeth roots, and other parts of your mouth. If left untreated, the results aren't always reversible.

We live in an age where teeth can easily be replaced with dental implants. With modern cosmetic dentistry, you can restore your smile with dental crowns, dental implants, gum grafting, etc. However, keeping your natural teeth is always the best option for your oral health.

Pro tip: Always brush your teeth twice daily, floss every day, and schedule regular dental appointments for checkups. If you experience oral pain, speak to your dentist immediately. You’ll be glad you did!

The electric toothbrushes actually do most of the work for you. They promote overall oral health and decrease plaque and gingivitis. When used properly, they are great for gums and won't damage the enamel. The electric toothbrushes are more fun and engaging for kids. Overall, the electric toothbrushes are effective at cleaning teeth if you use proper brushing technique.


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